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Teen Health Drugs and Alcohol

  • Addaction

    Committed to providing drug treatment support through community-based programs across Scotland and Cornwall.

  • ASK: Adolescent Substance Abuse Knowledge Base

    Features news, articles, and advice on teen drug use and abuse, signs, symptoms, myths, specific drugs, and when to get help.

  • Drugs Bite

    Highlights a motivational and anti-drug speaker committed to encouraging the youth in assuming leadership roles.

  • Help Against Drugs

    Presents an organization that involves young people in sports and other activities as one way to combat drugs.

  • Howstuffworks - How Alcohol Works

    Provides insights about the effects of excessive intakes of alcohol by Craig C. Freudenrich.

  • Lesson Tutor

    Features an open letter addressed to a daughter that entails the effects of drugs and alcoholic beverages.

  • Mendez Foundation

    Develops drug and violence prevention, and whole foods nutrition education programs and training for K-12 students and teachers.

  • Monitoring the Future

    Fosters the study of behaviors and values among American secondary school students and young adults.

  • The Partnership for a Drug-Free America

    Highlights a non-profit coalition that focuses on implementing research-based educational campaigns to develop a drug-free community.

  • Teens with Problems

    Provides insights regarding teen substance abuse on prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications.

  • WebMD: Teen Substance Abuse

    Defines teen substance abuse, the reasons teens abuse drugs and alcohol, problems substance abuse can cause, signs of substance abuse, and what to do about it.

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