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Vision Research

  • Brown University Center for Vision Research

    Multidisciplinary and translational research center promotes and facilitates studies on biological vision, the computational aspects of machine vision, visual problems, and the brain mechanisms behind the sense of sight.

  • Center for Vision Research

    Conducts research on ciliopathies, retinitis pigmentosa, birth defects of the eye, diabetic retinopathy, age related macular degeneration, and ocular injury recovery.

  • Centre for Vision Research

    Serves as a hub for the vision and allied sensory research being undertaken by the University of Sydney Department of Ophthalmology. Aims to investigate into the prevalence, incidence, and risk factors for vision and other sensory impairment.

  • Child Vision Research Society (CVRS)

    Group of researchers interested in the development of vision in infancy and early childhood as observed in normal and abnormal conditions.

  • Experimental Eye Research

    Publishes research papers on all aspects of eye research from the official journal of the International Society for Eye Research. Includes downloads and invites articles.

  • International Society for Low Vision Research and Rehabilitation (ISLRR)

    Official ISLRR website provides an overview of the society, newsletters, related links, and membership and events information.

  • Shapiro's Illusions and Demonstration for Vision Research

    Gallery of optical illusions designed to investigate and demonstrate eye function mechanisms.

  • Thirteenth Annual Vision Research Conference

    Provides information on the research conference's organizers and sponsors, location, invited speakers, programs, and exhibits.

  • Vanderbilt Vision Research Center

    Facility promoting research and training on various problems in vision science such as visually guided behavior and cognition, neural processes, comparative anatomy and physiology of visual systems, molecular mechanisms of the eye, machine vision, and the diagnosis and treatment of vision disorders.

  • York University Centre for Vision Research

    Human and machine vision research center with participating researchers from the fields of psychology, computer science and engineering, biology, and kinesiology. Studies the vision-related problems of strokes, migraines, bran disorders, and autism.

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