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The Best Life Microsurgery Clinic

Offers the advanced Microdot Multilayer Microsurgical Vasovasostomy (MMMV) procedure, plus vaso-epididymostomy in the event of blow-out.

California Vasectomy and Reversal Center

Northern California center offering both vasectomy and no-scalpel vasectomy reversals.

Center for Male Reproductive Medicine and Vasectomy Reversal

Fertility specialist in Los Angeles performing microsurgical procedures for vasectomy reversal. DrPhilWerthman

Center for Vasectomy Reversal

Highlights the vasectomy reversal services of Dr Joshua Green on Florida's Gulf Coast.

Duncan Harriss Consulting Ltd

Vasectomy reversal clinic run by Duncan Harriss DM FRCS (Urol) providing a fixed price package of care with payment options.

Ramsey Health

General information on vasectomy reversal which is a procedure to rejoin the tubes that were cut during a vasectomy.

Tubal Reversal - A Personal Choice

Formerly the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center, fertility surgeon in North Carolina performs tubal reversals and vasectomy reversals.

Urology Care Foundation - What is Vasectomy Reversal?

Explains the vasectomy reversal treatments and after care with FAQs.

Vasectomy Pro

Urologist Dr Morris offers vasectomy reversals from clinics across Utah.

Vasectomy Reversal Expert

Service assists patients who have had a vasectomy and now wish to have children by Dr. Werthman.

Vasectomy Reversal NYC

Profiles Dr Yaniv Larish, who specializes in micro-surgery to reverse vasectomies.

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