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Immunizations and Vaccines

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention : Vaccines and Immunizations

Contains downloadable published materials on various virus-causing agents as compiled by the national agency that monitors on illnesses and preventive measures.

Elsevier: Vaccine

Fact sheet that details on the description and key features on vaccines. With an issue on the immunization item for screening and prevention on cervical cancer.

Immunization Action Coalition

Provides educational materials on childhood, adolescent and adult immunizations. Plus information about hepatitis B.


Provides a program focused on providing helpful information and facts about vaccines and immunization.

Institute for Vaccine Safety

Provides assessment on vaccination, guide to medical practitioners, and educate the media and general public for prevention of diseases and related cases. With information on manufacturers and overview of the organization.

International Vaccine Institute

Contributes to reduction and prevention of diseases through access to vaccination. Programs of the institute include laboratory researches, development, training, and technical support.

National Foundation for Infectious Diseases

Features downloadable campaign kits, fact sheets, conference schedules and continuing education programs.

Sabin Vaccine Institute

Provides details on the campaign projects of the organization that aim to provide vaccination and immunization to under-privileged communities. Publishes researches materials and programs.

UTMB Sealy Center for Vaccine Development

Research academy that facilitates on laboratory studies for the discovery of novel vaccinations to fight against diseases. With profile of the faculty, details on the practices, and reports on symposiums.


Provides discussion section about childhood vaccination. With links to related books and guides.

Vaccination Services of America, Inc.

Features health news headlines and health screenings for cholesterol, blood pressure and hemoglobin among others.

Vaccine Place

Shows data on various diseases and immunization products for the prevention of diseases.

WHO - Immunization. Vaccines and Biologicals

Browse over WHO’s vaccine research and development, immunization standards and safety, and position papers.

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