Medical Transcription in the United States in the Best of the Web Directory

Medical Transcription in the United States

  • 3CNC, Inc.

    Computer network provides health care professionals with customer software and hardware, products and services.

  • AccuScript Inc.

    Features environments, supported transcriptions, advantages and company history.

  • Alamo Transcription

    Provides professional medical transcription services for healthcare and manages medical reports.

  • All American Transcription

    Provides local pick-up and delivery, cost and set-up, contact, jobs, and resources.

  • AlphaBest Consulting and Transcription

    Serves the insurance, legal and medical industries and aids in transition to information technology.

  • CCS Transpiration

    Offers custom-tailored medical transpiration outsourcing services to health care industries.

  • Echo Online Transcription

    Provides transcription service to medical, legal, law enforcement, insurance and corporate communities.

  • Enright Sten-Tel Transcription Services, Inc.

    Transcribes medical, legal and general reports and dictation. With client information, disaster relief and charitable support, and editing section.

  • eTransPlus

    Offers transcription services like digital dictation system, document distribution and management reports.

  • Ferrari Transcription Service, Inc. of New York

    Assesses digital voice dictation system and transcribes micro-cassette tapes and hand written documents.

  • Iris

    Medical transcription outsourcing company provides medical services, user-interface and communication channels.

  • Key Transcription Service

    Transcribes using digital hand-held recorder and transfers voice and text files, and patient records.

  • Mani Solutions LLC

    Facilitates dictation and delivery methods in call-in system through digital and micro-cassette recorders, emails and courier services.

  • Med MT, Inc.

    Demonstrates healthcare solutions for physicians, hospitals, imaging centers and organizations.

  • Medical Linguistics

    Offers data storage, stat dictations, document delivery, and transcription programs.

  • Medical Record Support

    Allows record dictations on digital recorders and toll-free telephone lines. Also provides administrative controls and system security.

  • Medical Transcription Services

    Offers services related to word processing and desktop publishing like medical recordings and account archiving.

  • Medical Transcription Services of America

    Presents medical transcription service and rate information, and allows proposal requests.

  • MediVoxx

    Industry offers healthcare and non-medical transcription services and provides employment openings and FAQs.

  • MedLite Inc.

    Company product includes medical transcription and automation of medical records with document output options.

  • MedPro Solutions, Inc.

    Provides technical solutions and dictation options to hospitals, clinics and private practices.

  • Pacific Medical Transcription

    Produces medical reports, voice and data management system for acute care facilities, specialty clinics and corporate practitioners.

  • ProEx Online LLC

    Company offers dictation capturing and transcription services to the medical community.

  • R and B Sten-Tel Transcription Service

    Explores the national transcription service technology company that serves medical, law enforcement, insurance and corporate communities.

  • S1 Transcription

    Service includes standard and offshore transcription on medical reports and records, hospitals and clinic letters.

  • Scriptacom Solutions, Inc.

    Handles application development and customer support to doctors, medical practice, hospitals and laboratories.

  • ShanScription Medical Transcription

    Provides report storage; and letters, tape and document deliveries and reprints.

  • SoftScript, Inc.

    Highlights the company’s transcription services including management technique solutions, hospital bar-code systems, telephone dictation, medical and patient recording.

  • Southern California Transcription Services

    Explores the corporate and general transcription division that offers lectures, interviews, seminars and classes.

  • Specialized Information Management

    Multi-faceted service bureau provides medical transcription services to care facilities and outpatient clinics.

  • Star Itech

    Discusses the company’s medical transcription, electronic patient account management and billing services.

  • Stat-Med Transcription

    Provides coordination of health care facilities transcription operations that covers pathology and autopsy reports, stat fax and diagnostic procedures.

  • Transcription Plus

    Provides medical digital voice file and tape transcription, insurance and office progress reports; and business market research and survey teleconferences services.

  • Type Write Processing Service

    Proffers transcription services in legal, medical, scientific and entertainment groups.

  • World Wide Dictation

    Advertises digital dictation and delivery services for medical documents; and legal and corporate meetings and seminars.

  • Written Communications, Inc.

    Presents legal, insurance, public service, investigation, medical transcription; and Spanish translation services. Discusses awards, employment opportunities and testimonials.

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