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Medical Transcription Services

Ascend Healthcare Systems

Offers staffing, coding, billing and transcription services, and dynamic facility management.


Medical transcription service provides outsource and transcribe reports, toll free telephone dictation and complaint service.

Brown and Meyers

Provides transcription, document management solutions and court reporting services. With FAQs, contacts, and article resources.

DataKey MT Inc.

Service includes medical transcription, toll-free dictation system and report tracking to health care facilities.

Doctor’s Note

Provides physician for medical transcription control and documentation services. Plus employment requirements and client mails.

Electronic Medical Dictation and Transcription

Provides medical facilities and transcription services. Details events, news, and contacts.


Offers medical writing and data analysis services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industry.

Express Document Service, Inc.

Provides written transcription and services with medical facilities. Includes letter proposals and updates.

Medical Scribe Consultants

Evaluates documentation and creates scribe program with real time charting to benefit physician community.

Medical Transcription

Information management organization offers service product for medical communication.

Medical Transcription Company

Offers toll-free dictation and digital recording. Includes billing rate, news, client and contact.


Provides outsourced medical transcription services for healthcare institutions and professionals.


Affordable medical transcription services with easy-to-use online document delivery and HIPAA compliant electronic patient records. Include 24-hour turnaround, digital handheld recorders, and phone dictation.


Medical transcription company offers digital voice recorder, operative, disability, and workman compensation reports, consultations, and progress notes.


Secures out-sourcing of dictation and transcription requirements, and provides general commerce and financial solutions.

Perfect Transcription LLC

Includes costs, billing, benefits, mechanism and status details, conference schedule, and job availability.

Perfect Word Processing

Tailors database technology, transcription tracking, local area network and digital dictation system program.

Preferred Physician Transcription, Inc.

Integrates demographic system, outsourcing, and transcription solution.

Professional Medical Services, Inc.

Offers digital system and recorder access, Dictaphone interface and file transfer. With rate quote and employment opportunities.

Rapid Transcript, Inc.

Service includes private transcription portal, document storage and archival prepaid services, call-in dictation, web design and maintenance.


Offers document audio typing service and acts as virtual typists for business, legal and medico-legal practitioners and academics.


Provides transcription, dictation and voice processing, document management, videoconferencing and web-based clinical services.

Taurus Data Links

Provides overview on medical record and patient detail services including its infrastructure and pricing.


Transcription service based company presents legal reports, team expertise, dictation instruction and contact information.


Service includes transcription, digital dictation, word processing, data entry, scanning, archiving, indexing and litigation support.


Medical transcription services to clinics and hospitals across the US and Canada.


Electronic transcription and infrastructure service provider offers document management solutions for medical recordings.

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