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Appropriate topics for this category are those discussing anxiety disorder.
  • The 15 Most Common Phobias That Frighten People

    Plain-language article explores phobias and their symptoms, including arachnophobia, acrophobia, cynophobia, coulrophobia, and trypanophobia.

  • Phobias

    Offers various information about phobias including its symptoms and diagnosis, causes and development, treatment, prevalence, and related disorders.

  • Affect Phobia

    Complementary site for the book, Treating Affect Phobia. Includes an overview of Affect Phobia, author information, and reviews.

  • Agoraphobia Help Network

    Support community features articles, forum, self-help audio lessons, and group calls with experts and recovering agoraphobics.

  • Fear of Driving

    Offers resources for overcoming the fear of driving or driving anxiety. Includes articles, reviews, and forum.


    Online community for people who have fear or extraordinary repulsion for butterflies and moths.

  • International Emetophobia Society

    Provides discussion forums and support resource for people with emetophobia.

  • International Paruresis Association

    Resource for information and research results for people finding it impossible to urinate in the presence of others.

  • The Needle Phobia Information Site

    Looks at fear of needles, pointed objects, pain, and injections. Includes definitions, types, overcoming, prevention, personal stories, treatments, articles, and publications.


    Showcases a step-by-step guide for overcoming agoraphobia.

  • Panphobia

    Site devoted to the abnormal fear of everything. Presents articles, books, films, and games.

  • The Phobia List

    Names of almost every known phobia with an article on how phobias are named, notes and credits, fear quotes, and links to sites that offer help or information on dealing with phobias.

  • Social Phobia World

    Discussion board for social phobia and social anxiety sufferers. Includes information on the symptoms, treatment, diagnosis, and causes.

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