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Circumcision has been practiced throughout the world for social, medical, cultural, and even religious reasons. It is the surgical elimination of the penis' foreskin. A medical explanation for the procedure would state that circumcision helps reduce instances of infections in the foreskin and the urinary tract, prevents cancer, and minimizes the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

    Offers an evidence-based appraisal of circumcision, serving as a guide for parents, doctors, and teens.


    Informs the public regarding the process of circumcision as one way to protect boys from unnecessary interference with their genitals.

  • Circlist

    Comprehensive source for information on circumcision. Includes a glossary and articles on circumcision styles and results, instruments, techniques, preferences, rites, and practices.

  • Circumcision Information and Resource Pages

    Resource for information on all aspects of genital surgery along with details on medical considerations.

  • Circumcision Policy Statements

    Official policy statements of various medical organizations regarding non-therapeutic male circumcision, along with discussions of these positions.

  • Clearinghouse on Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention

    Resource center dedicated to male circumcision research, advocacy, program implementation, documentation, and information. Includes publications, news, and recommended reading.

  • History of Circumcision

    Articles and information about the practice of circumcision as observed in different parts of the world.

  • International Circumcision Information Reference Center

    Displays articles from different medical journals that focus on circumcision and links to different doctors and clinics.


    A Bill to end male genital mutilation in the U.S.

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