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Gerontology, derived from the Greek words "geron" (old man) and "logy" (study of), refers to the study of aging's psychological, social, and biological aspects. This medical specialty covers the physical, mental, and social changes that people undergo in the process of aging. It investigates the intersection of normal aging and age-related disease (geroscience). Moreover, gerontology encompasses the application of knowledge to policies and programs aimed at aged or aging people.

While often associated or considered synonymous with geriatrics, gerontology is a different field. Gerontology studies the aging process itself while geriatrics studies the disease of the elderly population.

Sub-topics under gerontology include biogerontology (the study of the biological processes of aging) and social gerontology (studying or working with older adults).

This category lists various sites that provide information and updates on the field of gerontology. Included are reference sites, research, groups and organizations, journals and other publications, as well as well as information on education and practice.
  • Association for Gerontology in Social Work (AGESW)

    Organization created to provide leadership in the fields of gerontological social work education, research, and policy. Site presents the AGESW board members, awards, updates, and resources.


    Introduction to biological gerontology with articles and related news and links.

  • Dia's Library on Social Gerontology

    Online database of social gerontology created by The Dia Foundation for Research on Ageing Societies.

  • European Masters Programme in Gerontology (EuMaG)

    European Commission supported training program in gerontology. Features a multidisciplinary curriculum with emphasis on international comparison.

  • Gerontology at MGS

    Information about the gerontology research and education programs of University of Massachusetts Boston's McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies.

  • Gerontology Conferences Worldwide

    Online guide to upcoming conferences and events related to gerontology, geriatrics, and aging in different parts of the world.

  • Gerontology Network

    Provider of various services targeting the needs of aging individuals. Offers personal care, home technology products, education and training, counseling and case management, vision services, as well as volunteer opportunities.

  • Irish Centre for Social Gerontology (ICSG)

    Furnishes information designed to support a holistic and positive view of aging and to act as a resource for those involved in the field of aging through the development and promotion of the social and economic aspects of aging.

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