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Andrology is a specialization in medicine that focuses on men's health especially in the areas of the reproductive system and urological conditions or diseases. It is the male counterpart of the gynecology medical specialty. The male-specific medical and surgical procedures of vasectomy and vasovasostomy are easily associated with this discipline.

This medical specialty requires a Doctor of Medicine education and practitioners or specialists are typically employed or are working in hospitals and clinics.

Common health disorders or conditions covered under andrology include erectile dysfunction, carcinoma of the penis, epididymitis, testicular cancer, torsion, varicocele, spermatocele, penile fracture, orchitis, hydrocele, cryptorchidism, balanitis, prostate cancer, phimosis, and testicular torsion.

This category lists the websites of andrology clinics, practitioners, conferences, groups, professional organizations or associations, related research activities, journals and other publications, references, and sources for updates or pertinent new information. Also provides links to information about various male reproductive health problems, diseases, and treatment options.
  • The 4th World Congress On The Aging Male Prague

    UK-founded conference dedicated to promoting research, studies, and education on men's health after the age of 30.

  • American Society of Andrology

    Contains information about the society including members, bylaws and other essential facts. Features a journal of andrology, which publishes significant new findings of basic and clinical research on human and animal male reproductive tracts.

  • Androline

    Multilingual portal of Milan-based Androline. Carries andrology and urology equipment. Also offers pathology of disorders/illnesses that the company's products can address.

  • Andrological Ultrasound

    Site presents a list of andrological ultrasonographic findings by L.M Sarteschi, M.D., of the Department of Reproductive and Growth Sciences, University of Pisa.

  • Andrology

    Offering a multitude of specialized treatment options and extensive reconstructive surgery for all urological disorders.

  • Andrology Program - University of Utah

    Presents information on education, clinical services, and research studies. With a photo gallery and contact details.

  • Androx

    Portal of The Society for the Aging Male and Female. Provides organization profile, information on andropause and a printable self-test tool. Also includes workshop invitations, with contact details.

  • Asian Journal of Andrology

    Official journal of the Asian Society of Andrology. Publishes new findings in basic and clinical research on Andrology. Articles provided are indexed in many well-known international systems.

  • The Complete Urology and Andrology InfoBase

    Features links to andrology and urology dedicated sites compiled by Dr. Giannis Zoumpos, a Urological surgeon in Thessaloniki, Greece. Contact details included for appointments.

  • The European Male Ageing Study

    Provides information about the research including hypotheses, research areas, geography, study design, history and progress. Project synopsis is also available in PDF.

  • European Male Ageing Study (EMAS)

    Initiative aimed at studying the factors that affect men’s health and wellbeing as they grow older.

  • Internet Health Resources

    Hub for infertility education, services and products intended for customers and professionals as well. Contains links to service providers, educational sites, resources, clinics and products.

  • Male Genital Diseases

    Guidelines, reviews, statements, and recommendations pertinent to male genital diseases.

  • Society for Reproduction and Fertility

    Provides information about the organization, its services, activities and members. Also includes details of grants, workshops and job opportunities for professionals.

  • Virginia IVF & Andrology Center

    Specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility and assisted reproductive technology.

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