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Basic Sciences Anatomy Anatomy

Collection of information, articles, and resources on the human body.


Stanford University offers this online anatomy class by Dr. Srivastava. Having a high school level of human biology would help as a prerequisite.

Anatomy Atlases

Digital library focusing on anatomy information and the health sciences. Seeks to educate patients and healthcare providers by providing current, authoritative materials and serving as a platform for research.

Artificial Anatomy

Various collections of papier-mâché anatomy models. Explores the history and use of papier-mâché anatomical models, including their construction, conservation, and preservation.


Interactive presentation of different parts of male and female bodies that play significant roles in sensual desires and pleasures.

Human Anatomy Online

Educational online tour of the human skeletal, digestive, muscular, lymphatic, endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular, reproductive, and urinary systems.

Human Gross Anatomy

Take tours of the human anatomy. Click on a choice of endocrine, digestive, skeletal and others for drawings, descriptions and information on each.

Instant Anatomy

Seeks to provides illustrative information about different parts of human anatomy, various diagrams and links to related web sites.

Medical Geography Center

Discusses information on major systems of the human body, internal organs and external features.

Medical Gross Anatomy Learning Resource

Comprehensive presentation of medical gross anatomy, organized according to an integrated systems-based curriculum.

Medical School Anatomy Resources

Features anatomy tutorials along with resources to help enhance anatomy and clinical skills.

Medicine News

Reports latest medical, health news, analytical methods and top medical stories.

Muscle Physiology

Contains list of current medical projects, laboratory personnels, meetings and schedule of conferences.

Net Anatomy

Online resources for health sciences, cross sectional anatomy, gross anatomy and other related topics.

Online Examination of Human Anatomy and Physiology

Provides an online examination for human anatomy and physiology.

Radiographic Anatomy of the Skeleton

Features modules that illustrate the anatomy of the human spine and upper and lower extremities.

Temporal Bone and Ear Anatomy

Offers 60 temporal bone anatomy slides. Includes an anatomical overview and an anatomy self-test.


Features information pertaining to surgical education.

The Virtual Body

Guided, interactive look into the human brain, skeleton, heart, and digestive tract.

Visible Body

Offers an interactive 3D anatomy model of all body parts and systems. Includes tour and free demo.

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