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Stroke Organizations

Canadian Stroke Consortium

Neurologist network that seeks to promote researches and clinical trials for prevention of brain attacks and related conditions.

Canadian Stroke Network

Explains the company’s mission of providing researches, applying of scientific studies, and encouraging individuals to take medical courses related to neurological science.

Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland

Renders education, medical and clinical researches, information, and support services for the locals affected with related conditions.

Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association

Supports young individuals and their families affected with the disorder through medical assessments and research studies. Includes information on novel studies, and related links.

Cochrane Stroke Group

International institution that assists healthcare specialists and individuals with guidelines and education. Includes information on current scientific development and medical evaluations.

Hemi Help

Aids young people and their families with information and social services. Includes discussion of the disorder and related links.

Interventional Stroke Therapy Outcomes Registry

Compiles data and results from different researches to prevent occurrence of brain attacks. Includes statistical data of affected people in the country.

National Emergency Medicine Association

Focuses on research and education on the causes, risk factors, and effects of strokes. Also includes information on the condition of suffering patients and early warning signs.

National Stroke Foundation

Campaigns for the awareness of people and conducts fund raising activities to help reduce stroke cases in Australia. Includes company’s profile and medical care information.

Peninsula Stroke Association

Non-profit organization that offers education, support programs, and social services to stroke victims and their families. Includes information on the medical condition and updates on the group.

Stroke Alliance for Europe

Collaboration of support teams in the region that promotes the programs for the prevention and reduction of stroke cases.

The Stroke Association

Charitable organization that helps combat stroke through research funding, treatment, and better ways of patient rehabilitation.

Stroke Association of British Columbia

Resource site for stroke survivors, family members, community service volunteers, and health practitioners. Provides FAQs and events update.

Stroke Association of South California

Addresses matters on preventive services, healthy lifestyle, risk factor, care resources, advocacy, and recovery aids. With background of the company and updates on events.

Stroke Awareness for Everyone

International support team that offers social services through information dissemination and medical treatments and diagnosis.

Stroke Foundation of New Zealand

Highlights on the company’s support services and informative schemes. With details on fund raising programs and media releases.

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