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Blepharospasm is a neurological movement disorder that involves the twitching or uncontrollable contraction of the eyelid. The name comes from the Greek word "blepharo" (which means eyelid) and "spasm." Rare and classified as benign, Blepharospasm is not a life threatening condition associated with fatigue, stress, and irritants as contributing factors.

Symptoms for this disorder are typically chronic and persistent with severity that can often lead to functional blindness as people suffering from blepharospasm fail to control or normally open their eyelids. Opening the eyelids usually necessitates great effort as they always feel like clamping shut. Identified signs of the presence of blepharospasm include excessive blinking and eye spasms that come with uncontrollable shutting of the eyelids, twitches of the muscles surrounding the area, dryness of the eyes, and sensitivity to bright light including sunlight. Blepharospasm is often misdiagnosed with self-diagnosing patients often identifying them as cases of allergies or dry eye syndrome.
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