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Access information about epilepsy such as treatment options and coping skills. Also, provides answers to FAQ's, educational resources, peer support, and more.
  • Canine Epilepsy Resource Center

    Presents an overview of canine epilepsy, glossary, vaccination information, articles, and related links.

  • CDC: Epilepsy

    Includes an overview and publications about epilepsy. Also provides answers to frequently asked questions and links to educational resources.

  • Charge: The Experience of Epilepsy

    Presents discussion of the disease for the awareness and acceptance of the society through elucidation of the brain processes and its relation with epilepsy.

  • CNN: Cartoon-Based Illness Mystifies Japan

    Reports on the triggering features of “Pokemon” and “Pocket Monster” game to seizures in the country. Provides case study information and analysis.

  • eMedicineHealth: Seizure Emergencies

    Shares overview, causes, symptoms, seeking help, treatment, self-care, follow-up, prevention, and outlook information.

  • Epilepsy: Taming the Seizures, Dispelling the Myths

    Article by Audrey T. Hingley relates specific cases, treatments, causes, diagnoses, non-drug options, research, and first aid guidance.

  • EpiWeb.org

    Provides online information for parents and carers of children who suffer from epilepsy.

  • Fast Health: Seizures

    Contains first aid procedure recommendations, FAQs, list of seizure types, and overview on seizure emergencies.

  • General Practice Notebook: Epilepsy

    Summarizes the disease nature, diagnosis and management. With various links of related matter.

  • HealingWell: Epilepsy

    Contains articles, discussion forums, and a directory of resources for epilepsy and other neurological conditions.

  • John Libbey Eurotext: Reflex Epilepsy and Reflux Seizures of the Visual System

    Medical journal that presents summaries of the scientific elucidation on the kinds of the disease. With pictures, history and accounts on medical tests.

  • MedTV: Epilepsy

    Provides resource articles about the disorder, Ketogenic Diet, research, and Topamax Weight Loss.

  • NINDS: Epilepsy

    Provides short discussion on the background, symptoms, prognosis and treatment of the disease. Includes researches and organization profiles.

  • NINDS: Ohtahara Syndrome

    Includes details about the treatment, prognosis and research on the neurological disorder which affects newborns.

  • WebMD: Epilepsy Health Center

    Provides overview on the disorder's symptoms and treatment options. Also includes articles on clinical trials, research, and guidelines.

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