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Alzheimer's Disease

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Presents information about Alzheimer's Disease including causes, symptoms, diagnosis, care and treatment. Locate educational resources, support services, research and medical news, as well as blogs and forums written by care givers and doctors.
  • Alexian Neurosciences Institute

    Offers diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s and memory disorders. Includes background information on the disease and its treatments.

  • The Alzheimer Spouse

    Offering advice, support and tips for those whose spouse is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.

  • Alzheimer’s Page

    Offers an overview of Alzheimer's disease, including symptoms, diagnosis, causes, and treatment.

  • Alzheimer's - The Long Goodbye

    Author accounts the story of the infliction and death of her mother due to the disease. Includes photo tributes, a list of support groups, and links to other resources.

  • Alzheimer's Discussion Forum

    Facilitates the sharing of knowledge, experiences, and insights on Alzheimer's. Also features music, pictures, and literature.

  • Alzheimer's Facts: Disease Prevention and Treatment Strategies

    Discusses the nature, background, medication, and precautions, and the causes of the mental disease.

  • Alzheimer's Research & Therapy

    Peer-reviewed open access journal serving as a forum for translational research on Alzheimer's.

  • BrightFocus: Alzheimer's Disease

    Compiles facts on treatments available, risk factors, symptoms, and recommended healthy choices for Alzheimer's patients. Also shows medical illustrations and fact sheets.

  • Early Alzheimer's Disease

    Clinical practice guideline looks at terms, purpose, definition, risk factors, signs, tests, proper care, and patient and family resources.

  • Elder Options of Texas: Alzheimer's Disease

    Reports facts about the disease in the county including its statistical data. With discussion on the nature, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, economic impact, and implemented support program.

  • eMedicineHealth: Alzheimer's Disease

    Furnishes condition overview, causes, symptoms, seeking medical care, self-care, treatment, medications, prevention, and outlook.

  • Everyday Health: Alzheimer's Disease

    Covers Alzheimer's basics, treatment, management, caregiving, and emotional support. Includes myths, stages, blog, and expert Q&A.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease Resource Center

    Covers information about journals and researches on matters dealing with the disease as compiled by the medical institution.

  • International Conference on Alzheimers and Parkin

    Details of annual conference. Includes timetable and registration.

  • Medicine Net: Alzheimer's Disease

    Includes insights on the disease that causes permanent memory impairment. With information on medications, symptoms, and other treatment options provided.

  • NINDS: Alzheimer's Disease

    Focuses on the nature and background of the disease, its treatments, and prognosis. Includes contact references of organizations that handles memory impaired cases.

  • The Purple Sherpa

    A nonprofit organization that supports people caring for a loved one who has Alzheimer's Disease or another form of dementia.

  • Senior Providers

    Directory of services for elders living in Florida. Includes a guide for various assisted living facilities and products.

  • WebMD: Alzheimer’s Disease Health Center

    Facts on the symptoms and types, diagnosis and tests, treatment and care, as well as support are presented.

  • Year to Remember

    Chronicles the author’s experiences in dealing with her mother's Alzheimer’s disease. Contains articles and journal entries.

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