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Also known as acute confusional state, delirium is a severe neuropsychiatric syndrome characterized by disorientation, disturbance in consciousness, confused thinking, rapid alternation of mental states, altered sleep-wake cycle, and cognition change that may include memory impairment and language disturbance. It is not a disease but a set of symptoms arising from an underlying disease or a mental health problem.

Delirium is centered on the brain; it is described as a general and nonspecific symptom of organ dysfunction. Causes may include physical illness, brain injury, surgery, traumatic shock, starvation or lack of water, and sleeplessness. Withdrawal from addictive substances or alcohol may also be a factor.

Treatment involves the identification and elimination of the underlying cause or causes of the syndrome, and the optimizing of conditions for the brain. It is moreover important to properly detect and manage a patient's mental stress. Non-pharmacological and pharmacological treatments are also employed in delirium treatment with the former being considered the initial measure. Pharmacological treatment only comes if the non-pharmacological options have been exhausted and have been proven to be ineffective or inappropriate.

This category features sites or online references that offer information and resources about delirium - its causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis, management, treatment, and prevention.
  • Cleveland Clinic Disease Management Project: Delirium

    Physicians’ discussions on the definition, prevalence, pathophysiology, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and therapy of the disease.

  • eMedicine: Delirium

    Medical journal that deals with the background, clinical diagnosis, statistical differentials, medications, and treatment of the transient global disorder of the cognition.

  • Excited Delirium

    Presents an overview of excited delirium, publications, news, research, and related links and resources.

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