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Zoonoses (singular form: zoonosis) are diseases of animals, wild or domesticated, that may be transmitted to humans. Such diseases may be transmitted through a vector such as insects, most notably mosquitoes. It may also be human-to-animal transmission, sometimes referred to as reverse zoonosis or anthroponosis. A comprehensive medical literature review identifies 868 out of 1415 (around 61%) species of infectious organisms as zoonotic.

Examples of zoonoses are anthrax, Oropouche fever, plague, bartonellosis, Bolivian hemorrhagic fever, cowpox, cholera, yellow fever, West Nile virus, dengue fever, ebola, Lábrea fever, H1N1 flu, bovine tuberculosis, Korean hemorrhagic fever, rabies, typhus of Rickettsiae, Rotavirus, hantavirus, Venezuelan equine encephalitis, Giardia lamblia, and orf.

Some well known agents of zoonotic infectious diseases are rodents, sloths, sheep, hamsters, birds, cats, bats, cattle, monkeys, snails, ticks, wolves, mice, fleas, flies, fish, mosquitoes, lice, assassin bugs, and raccoons.
  • FAZD Center

    National Center for Foreign Animal and Zoonotic Disease Defense - a research and development center devoted to products that serve as a line of defense from high consequence foreign animal and emerging zoonotic diseases.

  • Salmonella and Other Zoonoses: The Basics

    Lists zoonoses associated with particular species, enumerates other food borne diseases, and presents the symptoms.


    Official website of the Mediterranean Zoonoses Control Programme of the World Health Organization. Presents the program's statute, plan of work, and information on activities and collaborating network.

  • Zoonosis Art

    Collection of images of zoonosis organisms including vectors or agents. Also features related drawings.

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