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Valvular Heart Disease

American Family Physician - Valvular Heart Disease

Gives a review and update dated June 1, 2001. Covers the types of valve diseases, the physical exam, echocardiography, and the management of each.

Aortic Dissection

The Vascular Disease Foundation provides an article describing this disorder. It covers the symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment.

Cleveland Clinic - Types of Valve Disease

Covers the symptoms, diagnosing, heart murmurs, infective endocarditis, mitral valve prolapse, tricuspid valve disease, and bicuspid aortic valve disease.

Encyclopedia of Surgery - Mitral Valve Repair

Gives a definition and the purpose, a description, details about mitral commissurotomy, chordae tendineae repair, and annuloplasty, preparation and diagnosis, and after care.

Heart Point: Valvular Heart Disease

Includes a detailed overview of the disorder.

John Ritter Foundation

Since the death of actor John Ritter from aortic aneurysm, his widow and family work to raise awareness of the disease, and empower the public to seek necessary testing.

Johns Hopkins Medicine - Valvular Heart Disease

Contains an overview including the symptoms, causes, prevents, diagnosis, treatment, and the surgeries performed.

MedicineNet - Heart Valve Disease

Find a definition, how the heart valves work, the types of valvular heart disease, the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and how to live with the disease. Valvular Heart Disease

Offers an exhaustive overview of valvular disorders, including stenosis and regurgitation.

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