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Heart Murmurs

AHA: Heart Murmurs

Obtain information about the condition plus related disorders.

The Auscultation Assistant

Designed to help second-year medical students appreciate the different audio characteristics of heart murmurs and breath sounds. Covers the physiology of murmurs, systolic and diastolic, rub, gallops and continuous murmurs, and lung sounds.

Auscultation Assistant: Heart Murmurs

Offers examples of heart murmurs on a collection of audio files.


Dedicated to auscultation. Offers information and audio of common heart sounds including aortic and mitral regurgitation and stenosis, mitral valve prolapse, ventricular septal defect, systolic ejection sound, and diastolic gallop rhythms.

Cardiac Auscultation: Heart Murmurs

Supplies a variety of heart murmur examples in multimedia clips.

Family Doctor: Heart Murmurs

Furnishes details for parents of children with the condition.

Family Practice Notebook: Heart Murmurs

Features a collection of articles about HIV and hemophilia.

Heart Auscultation

Features an online course and tutorial on heart sounds and murmurs. Login is required.

Kid's Health: Heart Murmurs

Displays definitions and medical procedures.

London Pediatric: Heart Murmurs

Delivers information about various types of murmurs found in children.

Medline Plus: Heart Murmurs

Offers illustrations, alternative names, definitions and common causes.

Web MD: Heart Murmurs

Features a general information about the disorder.

Wrong Diagnosis: Heart Murmurs

Delivers an overview of symptoms, tests, diagnostic methods and terms.

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