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Breast Cancer Risk Factors

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Learn about the various categories of risk factors attributed to breast cancer: breast health, diet and nutrition, drugs, environment, genetic, racial and ethnic identity, lifestyle factors, and reproductive considerations (oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy, etc.).
  • Body Health Debate

    A site that offers resources and information concerning the debate into the issue of Parabens and Aluminum causing breast cancer.

  • Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool

    Interactive tool for assessing the risk of invasive breast cancer, from the National Cancer Institute.

  • Breast Cancer: Race and Identity

    How race and ethnicity affect breast cancer risk, from WebMD.

  • Detailed Breast Cancer Risk Calculator

    Estimates breast cancer risk by answering 13 questions; more detailed than the NCI calculator.

  • FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered

    Nonprofit education and advocacy organization for women at high risk of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, with resource guide, message board, chat, and helpline.

  • HER2 Support

    What a HER2-positive diagnosis means, HER2 testing, and questions to ask the doctor. Includes a message board, resources, and clinical trials.

  • Menopause Watch

    Evidence-based guidelines and critical appraisal of menopause, HRT and breast cancer risk research. From

  • The Sister Study

    A long-term study of breast cancer environmental and genetic risk factors, using women whose sister had breast cancer.

  • Your Disease Risk - Breast Cancer

    Short interactive risk assessment questionnaire, from Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention.

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