Veterinary Drugs and Medications in the Best of the Web Directory

Veterinary Drugs and Medications

  • AlcheraBio LLC

    A contract research organization and animal health consultancy.

  • Amatheon

    Provider of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to veterinary specialists.

  • American Veterinary Identification Devices

    Expands information on the RFID microchip permanent identification technology and their products.

  • Animal Clinical Investigation

    Develops treatments for pets with cancer and other complex medical conditions.

  • Animal Pharmacy

    A specialized compounding pharmacy serving veterinarians and animal care specialists.

  • Antirobe - (clindamycin hydrochloride)

    Features capsules and aquadrops liquid for cats and dogs. Includes the indications, key features, packaging and precautions. From Pfizer Inc.

  • Banixx

    Provides anti-fungal spray and shampoo for dogs, cats, horses and chickens.

  • Biotechnical Services, Inc.

    Specializing in clinical data management, biostatistical analysis, quality assurance inspections, medical and scientific writing and animal health industry services.

  • CIDR Intravaginal Inserts - (progesterone)

    Gives details about this medication that improves the timing and efficiency of beef cow and heifer breeding programs. Key features and dosage information.

  • Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC

    Specializing in the development and marketing of companion animal products.

  • Lincomix (lincomycin hydrochloride)

    Feed medication, soluble and injectable antibiotics for poultry and swine. Gives the indications and administration.

  • Lutalyse Sterile Solution - (dinoprost tromethamine)

    Informs on the drug used for estrus control in livestock; beef and dairy cows, sows, and mares. Indications, key features, and dosage.

  • MVP Laboratories, Inc.

    Provides herd specific vaccines, individually developed to address specific disease situations.

  • Naxcel Sterile Powder - (ceftiofur sodium)

    Includes details on antibiotic for pigs, cattle, dogs, poultry, horses, sheep and goats. Gives the indications, key features, and precautions.

  • PetMD, LLC

    Pet health and pet nutrition information with a library of pet health information, including symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, veterinarian written and approved articles.

  • Pirsue Sterile Solution - (pirlimycin hydrochloride)

    Contains information on the antibiotic for the treatment of clinical and subclinical mastitis in lactating dairy cattle. Gives the key features, precautions, and administration. From Pfizer.

  • Putney

    Specializing in the development of high quality drugs for pets.

  • Rimadyl - (carprofen)

    Pfizer offers information about arthritis in dogs, and Rimadyl chewables, caplets and injectable.

  • Upjohn J-5 Bacterin (Escherichia Coli Bacterin J-5 Strain)

    Gives product information on the medication that delivers protection against coliform mastitis for dairy cows. Find the key features, packaging, and dosage. From Pfizer animal health.

  • Wedgewood Pharmacy

    Provides pet meds, compounding and veterinary medications for dogs, cats and horses.

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