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Avian Conditions and Illnesses

Avian Cancer

Discusses the types of tumors that have been diagnosed in pet birds, including those of the skin and internal organs.

Avian Goiter (Thyroid Hyperplasia or Dysplasia)

Delves on enlargement of the thyroid observed in many species of birds, including pigeons, canaries, budgerigars, and wild birds.

Correcting Spraddle or Splay Leg in Birds

Describes the condition, its causes, and the importance of early intervention.

CPR for Birds

Discusses cardiopulmonary resuscitation that can save a bird's life in the correct circumstances.

Diabetes in Birds

Shares information on the condition, its treatment, and complications.

Gout In Birds

Tells what the condition is, what the dietary recommendations for birds are, and what medications are taken to control it.

Thyroid Testing in Avian Species

Describes this controversial test, signs of hypothyroidism, and emphasizes the importance of making a careful diagnosis.

Visceral Gout in Birds

Health concern plaguing caged birds, which is brought on by the build up of uric acid.

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