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Lists scientific and veterinary sites providing information on bird health, including examination of various avian diseases and conditions.
  • All About Your Parrot's Feathers

    Offering articles and facts about parrot feathers and their structure along with preening information and what causes parrots to molt.

  • Bird Health with Dr. Rob Marshall

    Health programs and products designed for birds of all types.

  • Birdsafe

    Providing information about making life for birds safe, fun, and long lasting with an email list to share bird safety and health issues and for general bird chat.

  • Parrot-Parrot

    Site dedicated to the smaller parrots like lovebirds and budgies. Presents articles about bird health as well as a basic care guide.

  • Poultry Health Articles

    A range of health articles supplied by the Poultry Press including vaccinations, mites and details of first aid kits.

  • Poultrymed

    A poultry disease specialist providing publications, articles and details of diseases including avian influenza.

  • Proper Wing Clipping

    Provides articles and instructions explaining the correct and safest way to clip the wings of your pet bird.

  • Second Chance Birds

    Offering help with all parrots and cockatoo behaviors, screaming, biting, rescue and adoption.

  • Wingwise

    Resource for information about bird health, illness, injury, care and avian systems.

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