Reiki Practitioners and Teachers in Canada in the Best of the Web Directory

Reiki Practitioners and Teachers in Canada

Eye of the Eagle Retreat

Accommodations offered with healing services rendered for various treatment requirements.

GloMar Group Inc.

Introduction to personal developments and holistic wellness systems with link to relevant resources.

Healing Spiral of Light

Overview of courses offered with the instructor's profile featured and affiliated organizations.

Inner Focus Holistic Healing

Highlights the practitioner's credentials in conducting Reiki and related services. With pricing information provided.

Kathy Glover Scott

Publishes books and conducts seminars related to energy and stress management, self esteem and relevant healing treatments.


Involved in workshops provided for Reiki and related healing treatments. Includes resources and news updates.

Nightingale Spiritual Healing

Presents relevant facts and information on Reiki and Aromatherapy from various resources. With contact references provided.

Reiki Treatments and Training

Facilitates a variety of training and treatments rendered by Mark J. Brewer involved in holistic wellness.


Gallery of assorted products provided for healing treatments. Includes studies and educational resources.

Roland Berard

Focuses in the practice of healing sciences including Reiki and energy therapy for holistic wellness.

Soul Connection

Conducts private sessions and intuitive healing. Features related resources on the holistic practice.

Threshold Resources

Involved in developing the holistic wellness. Presents related resources on the health practice.

Trinity Star International

Assists individuals in the integration of physical and mental development in holistic wellness practices.

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