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Alchemical hypnotherapy is a form of alternative treatment that combines the principles of alchemy and hypnotherapy. Alchemy is a pseudoscientific forerunner of chemistry in medieval times and its core principle that the human soul is the substance needed for the transmutation of base metals into gold is being applied or integrated with hypnotherapy to allow patients to work with their inner guides to change their lives.

As developed by David Quigley, alchemical hypnotherapy combines techniques from multiple modern schools of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Psychology including Gestalt, Regression Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), psychosynthesis, and shamanism. Processes involved include the contacting of the inner guides or archetypes, contacting past-life memories within the collective unconscious, the consolidation of sub-personalities, and the use of various techniques to achieve integration at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Alchemical hypnotherapy is used to facilitate addiction recovery, healing for childhood abuse and molestation, smoking cessation, stress management, solving relationship problems, enhancing creative potential, and decision making and the development of motivation and career success.
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