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Homeopathy is a system for treating diseases based on idea that by administering minute doses of a drug that in massive amounts produces symptoms in healthy individuals similar to those of the disease itself, the body can be trained to fight off or become immune to the disease. Sites presented in this category include remedies, training courses for homeopaths, articles, research and organizations dedicated to the promotion of homeopathy.
  • ABC Homeopathy

    Offers a complete guide to homeopathy including an online remedy finder and store of network suppliers.

  • ClassicalHomoeopathy.com

    Offers information, tools and training courses for homeopaths.

  • Dr. Andrew Lockie and Associates

    Introduces homeopathy with details on remedies and treated disorders.

  • Homeo Info

    Online guide for homeopathy information. Contains history, philosophy, forums, and references.

  • Homeo Miracles

    Presents definition, theoretical principles, and an overview on the preparation of homeopathic medicines. Also displays comparative pictures of clients before and after taking medication.

  • Homeopathy For Women

    Offers information on classical homeopathy in relation to families.

  • Homeopathy Home

    Find homeopathy contacts, books, articles, research, organizations, and links to purchase remedies.

  • Homeopathy Site

    Overview on the therapeutic method with history, medication details, and research.

  • Homoeopathic Online Education

    Educational resource presents course information, polls and membership particulars.

  • Hpathy

    Open project serves as online network for homeopathic professionals, students, patients, and the general public.

  • Similima

    Offers a resource on homeopathic medicine including details of products, services, resources and practitioners worldwide.

  • The Skeptic's Dictionary: Homeopathy

    Extensive definition and explanation discussing issues and debatable aspects or claims of homeopathy.

  • Whole Health Now

    Features an overview on the description and philosophical principles of the natural method of healing. With details on the chronological events and information on the instructional studies.

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