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Energy healing incorporates many different types of therapeutic agents and methods, from traditional ethnic practices to modern techniques developed from bioenergetic research. Human beings are electromagnetic and project that electromagnetic field, or aura, around the body. Energy healers believe that illness and disease are caused by weaknesses or abnormalities in a person's EM field, and that by stabilizing or correcting the abnormality through any of a variety of techniques mentioned here, the illness or disease can be cured.
  • 123 EFT

    Information on emotional freedom techniques to help with phobias, depression, fear, panic, and stress.

  • Aloha Inspirations

    Center information along with details on private sessions, training and counseling.

  • The AMT Online

    Highlighting Meridian Energy Therapies. Contains information on training, courses and educational materials.

  • Barbara Brennan School of Healing

    Florida-based institution facilitates education for hands-on energy healing and personal transformation.

  • Bio-Touch

    Hands-on healing technique training information. With class schedules and research.

  • Bruno Groening Circle of Friends

    Highlights the concept of healing through spiritual path. Includes lectures and list of reference materials.


    Dedicated to promoting understanding on the importance of water to human lives.

  • Chios Energy Field Healing

    Offers programs for alternative medicine and holistic health.

  • Core Synch

    Core synchronism community website providing a schedule of CEU classes, a therapist directory and free information for essential energy healing.

  • Directional Healing

    Get to know directional healing, a new approach to treating the physical and inner bodies through vibration.

  • Earth Clinic

    Offering resources for home remedies, healing, folk remedies, and holistic cures.

  • Emotrance

    Access to a wide range of Emotrance information; its history, methods, techniques, principles and applications.

  • Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth

    Information about the publication and its author. With details on workshops and schedule.

  • Fountain International

    Site of a community healing project. Presents healing stories and recounts other pertinent experiences of members.

  • Frequencies of Brilliance

    Introducing a level of multi-dimensional Amanae energy work. With information on sessions, certification program and workshops.

  • Healing Art of Jing Nuan Wu

    Posts artworks that are claimed to have therapeutic abilities due to the colors and themes inspired by the classical Chinese philosophy.

  • Inner Access 101

    Services offered include medical intuition, channeling and regression.

  • Inner Focus

    Dedicated to personal healing and self-discovery. Contains information on staff and registration.

  • Institute for Orgonomic Science

    Includes a brief history of the center along with information on its offered training, therapy, and lectures.

  • Integrated Energy Therapy

    Providing various resources for training and instructions. With details on scheduled classes as well as directory of instructors.

  • Intuitive Energy Healing

    Features a discussion forum and information focused on various healing techniques.

  • Intuitive Health Solutions

    Offers medical intuitive readings, spiritual counseling, and distance energy healing, Theta healing, medical qigong healing. and health and detox plans.

  • Kairos Therapy

    Portfolio of the practitioner including details on training courses and internship.

  • Metatronic Life

    System of healing through Archangel Metatron given to Philippa Merivale. Lifts dense energies from the physical body and allows the release of childhood and other traumas, and adds new energy and clarity to the body and mind.

  • Midsummer New Energy Conference

    Presents conference speaker profiles, daily schedules, contact details, and information on event logistics, registration, lodging, and entertainment.

  • One Light Healing Touch

    Information on instructors and practitioners, with details on courses and client testimonials.

  • Pellowah Healing Technique

    Features an introduction to the technique as well as information on trainers and workshops.

  • Quantum Touch

    Facts and information about the therapy, with news, reviews, and workshop details.

  • The School for Self-Healing

    Offering various healing therapies for many disorders, diseases and injuries. Details sessions, workshops and training.

  • Self Help

    Compilation of references and information dedicated to an accelerated recovery process.

  • Shift Your Life

    Tracy Latz and Marion Ross offer information on energy healing, consultations, seminars, events and resources.

  • Spiritual Healing Music

    Offers faith based music articles and resources to provide a safe, spiritual haven for those seeking understanding, recovery, healing and purpose.

  • Tama-Do

    Provides research, instructions, and opportunities for creativity to promote human consciousness evolution.

  • Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario

    Offering information on events, articles, contributions, research, membership, and educational resources.

  • University of Integrated Science California

    Provides information on academic programs plus details on courses and schedules.

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