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Buteyko A to Z

Provides an overview of the Buteyko breathing method, information on trials and research, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Buteyko Asthma Control

Courses offered specializes in the Buteyko method. Features schedule of classes and reservations process.

Buteyko Asthma Education

Focuses in conducting various techniques of controlling asthma, panic attacks, sinusitis, insomnia and chronic cough as well.

Buteyko Breathing Centre

Clinic specializing in the Buteyko breathing method for the treatment of asthma, emphysema, bronchiectasis, and hyperventilation syndrome.

Buteyko Breathing Clinic

Discusses the breathing method's techniques, scientific trials and related publications as well.

Buteyko Breathing Clinic

Features Buteyko clinics and practitioners in various locations around the world. With background information about the Buteyko method.

Buteyko Breathing Clinic DVD

Set of recorded instructions or manual on practicing the Buteyko method by accredited practitioner and author, Patrick McKeown.

Buteyko Breathing Clinics

Presents the science behind Buteyko, information about its applications, courses, testimonials, and resources for health professionals.

Buteyko Health and Breathing

Comprehensive information about the Buteyko Institute Method including its history and chronology, research and science, and practitioner training. With videos and an overview of learning Buteyko.

Buteyko Solutions

Includes the details of alternative medication provided with related articles presented.

Buteyko Works

Information about Buteyko method as a treatment option for asthma and allergies, sleep disorders, panic and stress.

Kim Upton

Information on procedures involved in the breathing technique taught with case studies on the treatment.

Metta - Therapies

Resources on health therapies offered and consumer guide for related treatments.

Normal Breathing Defeats Chronic Diseases

Provides information about various aspects of breathing the Buteyko way. Includes techniques, books, downloads, as well as articles about breathing norms and breathing myths.

Well Naturally

Therapy and teacher trainings offered with special focus in the alternative treatment of asthma.

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