Alexander Technique Teachers in the Best of the Web Directory

Alexander Technique Teachers

  • Ariel Weiss Holyst

    Serves both private lessons and group classes as well as workshops aimed to instruct body methods for varied performance skills.

  • Frank Kennedy

    Providing information on the technique: its origin, benefits, and procedures. Shows the benefits and methods of body technique sessions provided. Features press coverage and contact details.

  • George I. Lister and Sally Porter Munro

    Collaboration of instructors involved in teaching body methods and techniques aimed to develop good postural habits and natural reflexes.

  • Jill D. Freeman

    Focuses in corporate training and body technique sessions. Features quotes from the Alexander technique founder.

  • John A. Baron

    Highlights endorsement statements from students. Provides description of service advantages and included benefits.

  • Michael Hanko

    Presents body trainings provided with details on service fees and payment options. Features online registration system.

  • Raya Leighton

    Focuses in the treatment of various body problems through holistic sessions and methods.

  • Robert H. Schweitzer

    Lists advantages of training services offered including prevention and rehabilitation of injuries as well as poise improvement.

  • Sigal Bergman

    References for various body technique applications with description of lessons provided and related links.

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