Alexander Technique Teachers in the Best of the Web Directory

Alexander Technique Teachers

Ariel Weiss Holyst

Serves both private lessons and group classes as well as workshops aimed to instruct body methods for varied performance skills.

The Body Project

Contains service description, profile of the teacher, student overview and schedules of workshops and classes.

Frank Kennedy

Providing information on the technique: its origin, benefits, and procedures. Shows the benefits and methods of body technique sessions provided. Features press coverage and contact details.

George I. Lister and Sally Porter Munro

Collaboration of instructors involved in teaching body methods and techniques aimed to develop good postural habits and natural reflexes.

Jill D. Freeman

Focuses in corporate training and body technique sessions. Features quotes from the Alexander technique founder.

John A. Baron

Highlights endorsement statements from students. Provides description of service advantages and included benefits.

Raya Leighton

Focuses in the treatment of various body problems through holistic sessions and methods.

Robert H. Schweitzer

Lists advantages of training services offered including prevention and rehabilitation of injuries as well as poise improvement.

Sally Ahner

Profiles the instructor's credentials in teaching body techniques, interests and relevant education information.

Sigal Bergman

References for various body technique applications with description of lessons provided and related links.

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