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Sites and pages in this category offer information about practitioners of the Alexander Technique, a method for improving posture and reducing tension-related pain.
  • Adam Bailey

    Service description included with related articles discussing relevant health and treatment topics.

  • Constance Clare - Newman

    Details on service benefits and health applications involved in stress reduction and pain relief as well.

  • Dana Ben - Yehuda

    Details the private lessons offered as well as profile of the teacher and studio location.

  • Dominique Jacques

    Presents the learning center's body techniques taught including breath and voice therapies.

  • Jann McMichael

    Psycho-physical training provided for body posture improvement, scoliosis prevention and minimizing back and neck pains.

  • Jill Geiger

    Provides an insight to the Alexander technique instructions conducted with recommended books on the subject matter.

  • Joshua Lyons

    Certified practitioner of structural integration. Includes profile, FAQ, testimonials and information about workshops.

  • Lawrence Smith

    Definition of Alexander techniques with the instructor's profile featured and credentials in performing the services offered.

  • Leland Vall

    Involved in improving body postures through various methods and workshops provided.

  • Malcolm King

    Focuses in breath and voice strategies integrated with body techniques. Includes the teacher's biography.

  • Marc Speyer

    Organizes group and individual lessons on body techniques. Profiles the teacher's credentials in instructing.

  • Micha Rotstein

    Includes body training methods to restore ease and freedom of movement as well as poise and balance coordination.

  • Neil and Vivien Schapera

    Collaborated to provide courses in body technique with crystal healing options. Provides course descriptions.

  • Pedro de Alcantara

    Sessions for musicians utilizing various methods of body techniques with workshops and lessons provided.

  • Penny Silver

    Introduces the instructor's credentials in teaching body methods. With details on the learning process.

  • Stephanie Segers

    Involved in minimizing stress, tension and strain for various student requirements with custom lessons conducted.

  • Tom Koch's Alexander Technique

    Private practice offering special programs focusing in performance improvement for dancers, musicians and managers through body techniques.

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