Team Fortress Video Game Clans in the Best of the Web Directory

Team Fortress Video Game Clans

  • AKMF TFC Clan

    Features team info, patches, pics, previews and reviews.

  • Angels of Death

    Find members, allies, maps, screenshots, upcoming matches, rules and practice missions.

  • Anti Peace Agents

    Locate background info, members, downloads, chat channels, photos and stats.

  • Association of Destruction and Carnage

    Find missions, rules, files, servers and membership requirements.

  • BSS

    Features members, applications, match records, servers and forum.

  • Children with Guns

    Access allies, members, servers and recruiting page.

  • Clan AF

    Find members, news, allies, rules and rankings.

  • Clan E

    Find news, members, contacts and game logs.

  • COC

    Locate news, a member roster, contact info and more.

  • CSP

    Find member, maps, sounds and merchandise.

  • Dukes of New Guinea

    Features background information, a calendar of events, and missions.

  • Elite Warz

    Features membership specs, challenges, rules, servers, maps and more.

  • Evolution X

    Find background info, forums, files and server stats.

  • FSU

    Delivers information about members as well as news and files.

  • Hogtown Butchers Association

    Find servers, forums, rankings, screenshots and membership specs.

  • Juvaek Armada

    Publishes ICQ info, a roster of members, pics and procedures.

  • Knights of Reverence

    Contains members, a schedule of events, news and files.

  • Knights of the Dark Renown

    Delivers rankings, pictures, contacts and member profiles.

  • Life Stoppers

    Locate members, news and rankings.

  • Organized Chaos

    Offers chat channels, files, members and a discussion forum.

  • Saiya-Jin Legends

    Find screenshots, tricks, allies and members.

  • Samurai Warriors

    Delivers news, membership specs, a discussion forum and contacts.

  • Shadow Empire

    Find details about the clan's membership requirements as well as files, member profiles and news.

  • Shadow Warriors

    Includes training courses, meeting schedule, rules, allies and members.

  • Soldiers of Darkness

    Delivers members, contacts, screenshots and events.

  • Squad of Death

    Offers a team roster and recruiting info.

  • Team Socos

    Features members, maps, news, server stats and recruiting options.

  • Teaspoon Stealing Grandmas

    Presents background info, news, membership specs and a message board.

  • Utility

    Find members, downloads, polls, chat and a discussion forum.

  • Warriors on the March

    Access members, match stats, IRC channels, contacts, recruiting info and forums.

  • Young Warriors

    Delivers background info, rules, events, practice missions, a message board and more.

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