Counter-Strike Video Game Clans in the Best of the Web Directory

Counter-Strike Video Game Clans

  • Balls Clan

    Features news, membership info, clan tags, chat and more.

  • Black Avatar

    Contains news, forums, IRC info and a calendar of events.

  • Burning Blade Clan

    Access forums, a member roster, photos, messages, FAQs and links.

  • Cremation or Coffin

    Delivers news, sever stats and contacts as well as a special CoC spray weapon, which is available for download.

  • Danger Mice

    Find members, logos and contacts.

  • Delta 21

    Access roster, IRC info, sprays, server stats, forums and allies.

  • Disorientation

    Contains member specs and contact info.

  • Droid Clan

    Delivers news, member profiles, ranks, snap shots, files and applications.

  • Ghetto

    Locate member profiles, news, rankings, screenshots and forums.

  • Gunslingers

    Offers news, background info, member specs, screenshots and contacts.

  • HanGookPride

    Korean clan Contains news, member pages, logos and more.

  • Joint Rapid Deployment Force

    Displays links for forums, downloads, statistics, articles and discussion forums.

  • Silents

    Find roster, a message forum, maps, server info and contacts.

  • Soldiers of War

    Find news, member, challenges and image files.

  • UK Extreme

    Find member profiles, game servers, downloads, a message forum and player stats.

  • WROAW Clan

    Contains members, server stats, files, a message forum and more.

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