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Xenogears Roleplaying Game

The Beginning and The End

Gaming information for dedicated to Xenogears newbies and fans.

Chaos 2

Contains quotes from Xenogears. With image galleries of characters and game scenes.

The Continuation of Xenosaga Petition

Features a petition for continuing the game beyond the third episode.

Deus ex Machina

Provides fan art and fiction, file archives, and game details.

GameSpy : Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht

Reports on the cinematic experience and storyline of the game.

God and Mind

Huge gallery of images and information for fans of the game. With a game encyclopedia and some not so known information about the game.

Guardian Angels

Updated Xenogears glossary. With in-depth analysis on varied subjects and galleries of character profiles.

Tau’s Xenogears Page

Fan page presents information on Xenogears characters, equipment, items, weapons, and parts.


Features fan fiction archives based on the game.

Xenogears Database

Presents protagonist and antagonist profiles as well as information on factions, gears, vehicles, towns, and locations.

Xenosaga Livejournal Community

Provides links to the game's developers, fan sites, and player resources.

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