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Ultima Online Player Worlds

  • ABC Ultima Online

    Features downloads, forums, FAQs, account info, events, server stats and background info.

  • Abyss

    Russian shard Features rules, tables, tournaments, ratings, server status, screenshots, chat and news.

  • Akara Essex

    Includes message boards, character biographies, quests, announcements and membership options.

  • Avatar's Gate

    Shard presents regulations, message boards, server info, stats, storylines and photos.

  • Blackthorne's Domain

    Find shard status, instructions, races, quests, a hall of fame, news and forums.

  • Draculon Shard

    Access scripts, message boards, news and resources.

  • Easy UO

    Find manuals, guides, scripts, announcements, message boards, rules and IRC channels.

  • Eternal Lands

    Presents server information, membership requirements, news, background and help.

  • Isle of Avalon

    Features forums, staff specs, downloads, rules and merchandise.

  • Kilted Yaksmen of the North

    Locate background info, rules, membership requirements and contacts.

  • Legends of Ederia

    Find rules, forums, contacts, races, classes, downloads and images.

  • Legends of Old

    Features background info, forums, images and registration options.

  • Oasis Shard

    Features background info, rules, files, forums, contacts, staff profiles and server stats.

  • Rivendale

    Access news, files, forums, screenshots and guilds.

  • Sanctuary Shard

    Features forums, custom maps, customizable classes, four races and improved combat systems.

  • Shadows of Time

    Find news, membership info, guilds, races, classes and contacts.

  • Tournament Realm

    Weekend shard Features server specs and membership options.

  • Valhalla Lost

    Offers storylines, forums, chat, guilds, staff profiles, rules, membership options, server status and more.

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