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The Elder Scrolls Series Morrowind Interviews

Game Spy: Interview on Tom Howard

Features an inside scoop on the game, the development and future projects and showcases customizable character classes, inspirations, challenges and create-your-own spells.

Game Spy: Morrowind

Provides a game history, character detail, skill tree, music, guild system, and showcases plug-ins that gives ability to make the game grow and the gaming experience evolve.

Game Spy: Morrowind Developer Profiles

Discusses the fun and challenging aspects, projects made, play testing, and character and tactics.

Game Spy: The Morrowind Developer Files

Showcases the team behind the game, their passions, duties, views, disappointments, game preferences and styles. Also shows pictures of the developers and game screenshots.

GameSpy: Interview on Todd Howard on Morrowind

The interviewee discusses his past and the challenges he faced. Features forums, essential resources, and an interview index.

Gaming Target: Morrowind: Bethesda Softworks

Provides screenshots, commentaries, and insight on the game, and highlights the company as a provider of epic video game experience.

Ign: Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Interview

Introduces the game to new players by citing untouchable design elements that set it apart from other games, and summarizes projected game improvements and concepts.

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