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Roleplaying Massive Multiplayer Online


Battle game which uses Google maps for its playing field and backdrop.


Free multiplayer online war strategy game featuring three world types and thousands of players.

Bleach: Soul Evolution

Free online MMORPG that follows the Bleach anime series plot and characters. Presents a game tutorial, answers to frequently asked questions, and forum.

Chosen Space

Free browser-based MMORPG centered on space trading and combat.

The Damned Isle

Free 2D browser-based multiplayer online roleplaying game that can be played on smartphones.

Dark Swords

Free online game designed to integrate a traditional roleplaying system with innovative approaches to game process implementation, character development, and social gaming. Presents news, rankings, an image gallery, and forum.


Free-to-play MMORPG centered on defending and attacking territories.


Flash based MMORPG created by French computer game manufacturer, Ankama Games. Presents information on features, a character guide, and screenshots.

Dragon Eternity

Free browser-based massively multiplayer online roleplaying game. Presents gameplay information, an item database, screenshots, and online player community. dragon_eternity

The Dune Wars

Web-based MMO strategy game focusing on the war between four races. Presents the rules, game updates, and a forum for players.


Free massively multiplayer online strategy game centered on economic, political, and military activities. erepublik

EVE Online

MMO roleplaying game set in space with elements of politics, warfare, economic activity, science and technology. Features a continuously expanding universe.

Fallen Sword

Massively multiplayer role playing game featuring an old school MUD feel and an engaging combat system. Site features forums and a playing guide.

Free MMORPG List

Features free-to-play massively mutiplayer online role playing games in various categories. With descriptions and screenshots.

Features action adventure and massively multiplayer online games. Presents game trailers, descriptions, and details on features.


Offers strategy guides for online roleplaying games.


Free adventure MMORPG. Presents a playing guide, story overview, forums, fansites, articles, news, and character information.


Source for regular news and updates about massively multiplayer online games. Includes guides, videos, and podcasts.


Presents MMORPG articles, news and updates, as well as descriptions of select massively multiplayer online RPGs.

Comprehensive massively multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPG) resource features a game list, forums, news, videos, columns, reviews, photos, and guilds.

Features a wide range of MMORPGs in different genres including sports, strategy, racing, science fiction, fantasy, shooter, and fighting.

Ninja Manager

Free browser based massively multiplayer online roleplaying game. Presents rankings as well as chat and forums.

MMORPG search guide and directory with forums for gamers, videos, articles, news, and featured games.


MMORPG resource featuring news, reviews, columns, and forums. Also features game screenshots and videos.

Sentou Gakuen

Visual novel that incorporates elements of a massiveley multiplayer online roleplaying game. Presents a chat board, screenshots, and character profiles.

Sherwood Dungeon

Free 3D massively multiplayer online role playing game played on web browsers. Presents instructions, screenshots, and related game news.

WELL Online

MMORPG with adventure and mystery themes. Presents an overview of the game, screenshots, posters, videos, and forum.


Features top free and for-a-fee MMORPG and online role playing games in different categories and artistic styles. With articles, forums, and comics.

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