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Multiplayer Video Game Clans and Guilds

  • Chaotic Soldiers

    Features gaming guides, server lists, and player resources for tactical ops game systems.

  • Clan 30+

    Presents servers, member lists, and team standings of the organization that plays Team Fortress, Quake III Fortress, Counter-Strike, Urban Terror, NASCAR Racing, Ghost Recon, and Battlefield: 1942.

  • The Commie Killers

    Discusses membership information and gaming rules. Also presents downloadable maps and hacks for Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, Tribes, and Rogue Spear.

  • Death to All

    Competes in Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament games. Gives member profiles, gaming resources, and map collections.

  • Doom Troopers

    Gives profiles of the clan and players that competes in Tribes and Unreal Tournament games.

  • Dragonwolves

    Offers gaming tips and guides for players and clans engaging in Dark Age of Camelot, Tribes 2 and PlanetSide competitions.

  • European Toxic Clan

    The home of the infamous video game European Toxic Clan.

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