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MMORPGs or Massive(ly) Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games are a class of computer games that involve a large number of players who interact with each other through their game characters within a virtual world. Aside from the number of players, what distinguishes MMORPGs from single or small multi-player RPGs is the game's continuity. Games of this scale are typically hosted by the game's publisher to allow the game world or universe to persistently exist and enable characters to grow or develop even as the player goes offline.
  • 1100AD

    Free browser based MMO game with a Medieval defend-and-conquer strategy theme. 1100ad

  • Age of Conquest

    Risk-like turn-based multiplayer strategy game available for all major operating systems. Site presents standings, statistics, guide, downloads, contests, and forums.

  • Astro Empires

    Massively multiplayer online game featuring a science-fiction space strategy theme.

  • Command Crisis

    Free massively multiplayer web-based strategy game set in space that can also be played on Android devices. CommandCrisis

  • The Daedalus Project

    Survey study dedicated to the study of massively multiplayer online games including MMORPGs. Features brief thematic primers for the data compiled, articles, and an index of peer-reviewed papers.

  • Earth Empires

    Browser-based massively multiplayer strategy online game with military and economic control as the central activities.

  • Empires Online II

    Free multiplayer web-based strategy game. Site presents a game manual, video tutorials, and a ranking of top players.

  • EverQuest

    Online free multiplayer game featuring distinctive battle zones, thousands of creatures, and various quests.

  • Extreme Mob Wars

    MMORPG gaming environment based on "La Cosa Nostra." Presents lists of top players.


    Presents a number of free massive multiplayer online games with descriptions and screenshots.

  • HEAT Online

    Free massively multiplayer online racing game. Allows players to race against thousands of other players. With in-game chat.

  • Imperial Galaxy

    Massively multiplayer online game based on the story of the novel "A Confusion of Princes" by Garth Nix.

  • Infantry Online

    Multiplayer combat video game featuring sprite animation graphics and complex units and terrains.

  • Interstellar War

    Fast-paced online space themed game. Presents a game wiki and forum for players.


    Free browser-based MMO mafia game. Presents screenshots and links to other game websites.

  • Khan Wars

    Browser-based free massively multiplayer online war strategy game with a Medieval theme. Presents a game tour and screenshots.

  • The Lacuna Expanse

    Strategy MMO game set in space. Features an integrated chat system, an espionage based combat system, dozens of ships and resource types, and contests for unique items. lacunaexpanse

  • Miniconomy

    Browser-based free MMO centered on virtual economy building.


    Game list, news portal, and online community for players of MMOs and MMORPGs. Also presents game reviews, articles, screenshots, downloads, and virtual currencies.


    Collection of free massively multiplayer online games. With videos and forums. mmobomb


    Offers a price comparison service for World of Warcraft gold sellers, a discussion forum and vendor details.


    Features a variety of MMO, MMORPG, and browser based games for Mac computer users.

  • MmorpGuides

    Offers a community of gamers that shares news, info, guides and cheats.

  • Mobile Strike Guide

    Fan site for the mobile game Mobile Strike. Contains tips, guides, strategies, reviews and data. Also a comprehensive database of commander gear, research, mods and buildings.

  • The Safehouse

    MMO focused site providing news, industry interviews, game guides, reviews, and articles.

  • The Settlers Online

    Free browser-based strategy game from the makers of Assassin's Creed. Presents an overview of the game and screenshots.

  • Tanki Online

    Multiplayer 3D MMO game on Flash centered on tank wars. Site presents the game rules, forums, screenshots, updates, and statistics. tankionline_en

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