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Video Games History

Classic Videogame Station History

Presents the history of the early Japanese video games and cartoons. With image galleries and links to related information.


Nonprofit archive of computer history focusing on classic games for DOS and Windows 3.1 and 95 computers.

Digital Press

Site devoted to historical games, with forums, articles, and an online game rarity guide.

The Dot Station

Covers the vast and varied 40-year history of video games - from the early coin-operated units to those displayed on oscilloscopes to today's latest home video game consoles.

History of Video Games

Presents a timeline of the development of video games.


Extensive database of classic and current video games allowing users to review games, view screenshots and game information, chat in the forums, and read news.

Monopoly Game History, Landlord's Game History

Features the history of Landlord's and monopoly games including game images, rules, articles, and commentary.

Playing History

Information and resources on games from the past. Presents descriptions, ratings, and reviews.

Pong Story

dedicated to Ralph H Baer, inventor of Pong. Includes articles, photographs and advertisements.


Promotes the preservation of classic videogames. Features a complete database of classic videogames with screenshots and release details.


Vintage video game magazine archive. Aims to preserve old magazines related to video games and video gaming. Presents cover scans an digitized copies.

RF Generation

Collection of video games related information from the classic to the newer generation gaming consoles. With a downloadable program that enables video game collectors to showcase and keep track of their collections online.

Authorized portal for reliving classic Sierra On-Line adventure games. mrtnkl

Scott Adams Grand Adventures

Official site for the creator of the personal computer gaming industry.


Online museum for images of vintage computer games - categorized alphabetically.

Sierra Gamers

The history of Sierra On-line games, including samplings of its tech manuals and catalogs.

Stairway to Hell

Dedicated to preserving the games released for the Acorn range of 8-bit home computers - namely the BBC Micro series and the Acorn Electron.

Super Kaga Magma-nastic Computer Game Museum

Photo gallery of consoles, arcade games, and vintage computers. With reviews of movies that feature computers and computer games.


Visual chronicling of video games. Pays tribute to the technology, games, and creators of influential games in the past.

Illustrated history of home video games with information on gaming systems from the nineteen seventies to present.

Video Game Ads

Posts a collection of television commercials for classic and contemporary games.

Video Game Museum

Online video game exhibit offering game screenshots, magazine and cover scans, music, vintage video games advertisements, and reviews.

The Video Game Revolution

PBS produced site offering a look at the history and development of video games as an entertainment medium.

The Videogame History Timeline

Chronological presentation of the development of video games created by a group of enthusiasts.


International traveling museum exhibit that chronicles the art, science, and development of video games.

Vision Net NL

Source of information on computer games from the 1970s to the 1990's. With downloadable emulators for vintage video games.

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