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Video Game Development Tools and Software

  • Afterworks

    Suite of game effects rendering tools. Feature applications for manufacturing realistic fogs and clouds, landscapes, explosions, dusts, liquid, and lighting.

  • C++ Game Programming

    Compilation of information and resources on creating video games coded in C++.

  • Cycon Online Gaming (COG) Engine

    Application developed to simplify the creation of online video games. Enables users to make their own video games without programming knowledge or experience.

  • DimensioneX

    Open source online multiplayer game engine. Enables the creation of web-based role-playing adventure games that feature customized scenes and characters.

  • Game Closure

    HTML 5 based multiplayer game development kit. Enables the writing of a game once for deployment everywhere.

  • GameMaker

    Free game development software makes it easy to develop games without having to learn a programming language. Offers tutorials and resources for creating games.

  • Gamestudio

    Game creation system for beginner, advanced, and professional users. Operates as a game engine, game editor, and game programming language.

  • Pygame

    Set of Python modules for programming games. Enables the development of fully featured games and multimedia applications in the Python programming language.

  • RPG Maker

    Software for designing and creating roleplaying games without the need for programming know-how or expertise.

  • Sploder

    Flash-based game creation software which allows users to create shoot-em up arcade games and publish them on the web. Also offers ability to play user-created games and give them ratings.

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