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Video Game Developers and Publishers

  • 2K Czech

    Official site of the developer and publisher. Site provides information on their games, an online store, news, and support resources.

  • Adventureland : Activision

    Collates reviews and screenshots of the games developed by the company.

  • Adventureland : Broderbund Software

    Gives game list, details company profile, and shows links for player resources.

  • Adventureland : Microsoft

    Gives an in-dept review of the games developed by the company. Also shows resource links.

  • Alien Pig Productions

    Presents the service and product catalogs of the company producing family-friendly games.

  • Apogee FAQ

    Explains the development of the company, shows game reviews, and provides player resources.

  • Atlus USA

    Shows media releases, contains game profile, and gives player forums.

  • Atomic Orange Productions

    Produces children's games. Shows corporate background, service details, and contact information.


    Developers of the Combat Mission series. Shows company highlights, game catalogs, and support guides.

  • Bethesda Softworks

    Gives player support forums, shows store catalogs, and provides job opportunities.

  • BioWare

    Video game developer's official site offering game information, player forums, news, and an online store.

  • Bit Managers

    Developers of Game Boy Advance game systems. Shows company profile and offers career opportunities.

  • Blizzard Entertainment

    Official website of the popular PC game developer with news, development progress reports, downloads, and fan forums.

  • Bloodlust Software

    Develops DOS gaming systems. Shows emulator systems and support guides.

  • Blue Planet Software

    Publisher of old-style DOS games including the featured Tetris brand. Discusses company philosophy, lists business partners, and shows event highlights.

  • Bulldog Interactive

    Features the company's game systems. Also shows screenshots, cheat lists, and press reviews.

  • Bungie Software

    Gives player support links, shows project details, and provides product catalogs.

  • Bungie Studios

    Official site of the Halo developer. Features game development updates, forums, company information, and job postings.

  • Capcom

    Official site of the popular video game developer and publisher. Features game information, news, a schedule of upcoming games, and support resources.

  • Cauldron HQ

    Presents the highlights of the company that developed the games "Battle Isle", "Chaser", and "Quadrax".

  • Chris' Comics and CPU

    Develops games on the spy-thriller genre. Shows screenshots and story summaries.

  • Chris Sawyer Software Development

    Highlights the games developed by the company including the Tycoon game series. Also provides staff profiles and contact details.

  • CITY Interactive

    Provides screenshots, reviews, and descriptions of the company's games.

  • Codemasters

    Developer's official site posting game profiles, a calendar of upcoming releases, news, fan forums, and a hall of fame featuring their top games.

  • Conspiracy

    Features the "Enclave" game system. Shows support guides and press releases of the company.

  • Contraband Entertainment, Inc.

    Develops games for various platform systems. Shows production galleries, company highlights, and software catalogs.

  • Core Concepts

    Presents the background, highlights, and products of the company that develops puzzle games.

  • Coresoft Inc.

    Develops games for the Sony Playstation, Sega, PC, and WAP platforms.

  • Crash: Beginner's Luck

    Discusses highlights of the software publishing industry. Also shows resources and links on the topic.

  • Crash: New Generation

    Discusses the highlights and game development milestones of the company.

  • Csharks

    Provides game screenshots, download links, and support guides. Also shows project resources.

  • Deep Red Games Limited

    Developed the "Risk II" and "Monopoly Tycoon" games. Shows download links, game guides, and company profile.

  • Devor Entertainment

    Based in Houston, Texas. Offers game programming and design services.

  • EA Sports

    Official site of the Electronic Arts owned development team. Features game information, a release schedule, news, and multimedia clips.

  • Ensemble Studios

    Developed the "Age of Empires" series. Shows game highlights, career opportunities, and contact details.

  • Epic Games

    Official site of the popular game developer offering game information, news, and community resources.

  • ESP Software

    Features the games "Football Masters" and "Stable Masters" developed by the company.

  • Factor 5

    Official site of the Star Wars video game developer. Offers game information, downloads, company news, and game secrets.

  • Firebell

    Developed the Dream Quest 2000 game. Shows company profile and media releases.

  • Firefly Studios

    Shows game development details, company highlights, and press releases.

  • Fluid Games

    Features game demos, manuals, and press releases. Also contains the company profile.

  • Fun Labs

    Discusses current projects, shows gaming resources, and provides news highlights of the company.

  • G5 Games

    Features development solutions for mobile device games.

  • Game dev Helper

    Provides helper applications to make developing games quick and easy. They offer SpriteHelper, LevelHelper, and CoronaComplete. vladubogdan

  • Game On

    Produces family-based PC games including the "Billionaire" series.

  • Gameworld Seven Ltd.

    Displays company information, project progress, and media presentations.

  • Gatorhole AB

    Specializes in developing online multiplayer games.

  • Gifted Minds

    Presents the developers of the game "Adventure Maker". Shows tutorials, support guides, and screenshots.

  • GLIPS Entertainment, Inc.

    Produces screensavers and games for the PC platform.

  • Graphic State

    Gives project details, shows press releases, and offers archives of game development resources.

  • Hamumu Software

    Offers development services focusing on arcade-style games for the Windows OS.

  • Harmonix Music Systems

    News, downloads, and game information from the team behind the popular Guitar Hero series of video games.

  • Heavy Iron Studios

    Provides lists of job opportunities, product catalogs, and game collections.

  • Housemarque

    Features the company's games and programming codes. Also presents the business' profile and product galleries.

  • Hudson Entertainment

    Official site of the developer offering news, game information and trailers, downloads, and forums.

  • id Software

    Official site of the PC game developer offering game information, downloads, technical support, and an online store.

  • Infinity Ltd

    Produces classic DOS games. Displays media releases and company highlights.

  • Insomniac Games, Inc.

    An independent video games developer that created the Ratchet & Clank and Resistance franchises along with the first three Spyro the Dragon games. insomniacgames

  • Int13 Production

    Presents game previews, facts, and resources.

  • KnightSoft

    Proffers MMORPG game systems on different genres. Shows project details and company profile.

  • Konami America

    Official site of the game publisher behind the Metal Gear and Silent Hill series of games. Site offers game information, company news, and a calendar of future releases.

  • L4 Software

    Contains archives of game development details and gives download and resource links.

  • The Learning Company

    Discusses game development highlights, gives profiles of contributors, and shows download links.

  • Namco Bandai Games

    Official company site featuring new releases, classic franchises, news and corporate information.

  • New Breed Software

    Offers software and games for Unix and Windows platforms. Shows catalogs and highlights of the products.

  • Ninja Muppet

    Provides development archives, gaming forums, and download links.

  • The Oliver Twins

    Discusses the highlights, business strategies and clients of the video game consultants.

  • Ominous Development

    Contains development information, links to the published games, and player guides.

  • OmletteSoft, Home Of Omlette

    Discusses game development highlights, shows programming codes, and gives resource links.

  • OTS Software

    Contains game links, shows product catalogs, and presents company highlights.

  • Outsource Media

    Discusses game programming, shows studio locations, and provides localization details.

  • Parker Consulting

    Explains the business philosophy, shows service details, and presents resources on the video gaming consultants.

  • PlayStation

    Discusses the sales coverage of the platform worldwide. Includes game statistics and performance highlights.

  • PlayStation North America

    Collates game download links, provides player forums, and shows support resources.

  • Rare Ltd

    Offering information on their games, job postings, game demo and image downloads, and development news and updates.

  • Ratloop

    Shows art galerries, discusses job opportunities, and provides company and team profiles.

  • Rebellion

    Award-winning independent video games developer based in Oxford, UK.

  • Red Storm Entertainment

    Official site of the popular game development studio responsible for the Tom Clancy series of games. Site offers news, game information, and forums.

  • Retrospec

    Provides game source codes, utilities, and conversion modules. Also provides links to relevant resources.

  • Rockstar Games

    Developer website offering game information, online games, and merchandise sales.

  • SCS Software

    Provides game screenshots, technological highlights, and project links.

  • Sega

    Shows product reviews, game lists, and platform highlights.

  • Shin'en Multimedia

    Offers company highlights, gives music download links, and shows game screenshots.

  • Shrapnel Games

    Gives game links, forums, and resources. Also provides company highlights and profile.

  • Slitherine Software

    Provides corporate resources, discusses game updates, and shows store catalogs.

  • Softgame

    Develops arcade and sport card games including solitaire and poker.

  • SoftSpot Software

    Offers word games and puzzles used for educational purposes. Contains purchasing details, screensaver download links, and development details.

  • Soleau Software

    Proffers strategy logic games for Windows and Unix systems. Shows game details and download links.

  • South African Game Development

    Shows member projects, activity images, and contact information on the organization.

  • Spark Unlimited

    Highlights game development projects of the company. Also shows team profile and lists of business partners.

  • Square Enix

    Contains game profiles, shows player resources, and gives guides and tips.

  • Square Insider

    Contains game reviews, shows interview excerpts of the company's programmers, and provides player forums.

  • Starbreeze Studios AB

    Contains media releases of games, gives details of job opportunities, and provides company highlights.

  • Take 2 Games

    Features game information, a release calendar, and new game previews.

  • THQ Nordic

    Official site of the video game developer. Offers game information, a release calendar, and free online games.

  • Tibo Software

    Produces action and puzzle sharware games used for educational and entertainment purposes. Shows support and download links.

  • Toejam and Earl Productions

    Gives highlights and profile of the gaming company that developed the Toejam and Earl Series.

  • Torus Games

    Offers career guides, company profile, and game highlights.

  • Treyarch

    Game developer site offering information on their video games, job postings, and company details.

  • TrueVision3D

    Gives product galleries, provides download links, and shows community support resources.

  • Twilight Software

    Highlights the adventure game where you play a character in charge of solving a kidnapping mystery. Gives game highlights and tips.

  • Ubisoft

    Computer and video game publisher and developer known for the games Rainbow Six, Prince of Persia, Rainbow Six, and Ghost Recon.

  • Valve Software

    Developer site featuring game and company information, job postings, news, and online game sales.

  • VideoGameJobFinder

    Provides a directory of employment opportunities in the video game industry.

  • WaywardXS

    Developed the games Champion Rugby Manager and Gianluca Vialli's European Manager. Shows support details, company profile, and download links.

  • Webfoot Technologies

    Contains mobile game tools, job opportunities, and music download links.

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