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Video Game Developers and Publishers

  • 2K Czech

    Official site of the developer and publisher. Site provides information on their games, an online store, news, and support resources.

  • Adventureland : Activision

    Collates reviews and screenshots of the games developed by the company.

  • Adventureland : Broderbund Software

    Gives game list, details company profile, and shows links for player resources.

  • Adventureland : Microsoft

    Gives an in-dept review of the games developed by the company. Also shows resource links.

  • Alien Pig Productions

    Presents the service and product catalogs of the company producing family-friendly games.

  • Apogee FAQ

    Explains the development of the company, shows game reviews, and provides player resources.

  • Atlus USA

    Shows media releases, contains game profile, and gives player forums.

  • Atomic Orange Productions

    Produces children's games. Shows corporate background, service details, and contact information.


    Developers of the Combat Mission series. Shows company highlights, game catalogs, and support guides.

  • BioWare

    Video game developer's official site offering game information, player forums, news, and an online store.

  • Bit Managers

    Developers of Game Boy Advance game systems. Shows company profile and offers career opportunities.

  • Blizzard Entertainment

    Official website of the popular PC game developer with news, development progress reports, downloads, and fan forums.

  • Bloodlust Software

    Develops DOS gaming systems. Shows emulator systems and support guides.

  • Blue Planet Software

    Publisher of old-style DOS games including the featured Tetris brand. Discusses company philosophy, lists business partners, and shows event highlights.

  • Bulldog Interactive

    Features the company's game systems. Also shows screenshots, cheat lists, and press reviews.

  • Bungie Software

    Gives player support links, shows project details, and provides product catalogs.

  • Bungie Studios

    Official site of the Halo developer. Features game development updates, forums, company information, and job postings.

  • Capcom

    Official site of the popular video game developer and publisher. Features game information, news, a schedule of upcoming games, and support resources.

  • Cauldron HQ

    Presents the highlights of the company that developed the games "Battle Isle", "Chaser", and "Quadrax".

  • Chris' Comics and CPU

    Develops games on the spy-thriller genre. Shows screenshots and story summaries.

  • Chris Sawyer Software Development

    Highlights the games developed by the company including the Tycoon game series. Also provides staff profiles and contact details.

  • CITY Interactive

    Provides screenshots, reviews, and descriptions of the company's games.

  • Codemasters

    Developer's official site posting game profiles, a calendar of upcoming releases, news, fan forums, and a hall of fame featuring their top games.

  • Conspiracy

    Features the "Enclave" game system. Shows support guides and press releases of the company.

  • Contraband Entertainment, Inc.

    Develops games for various platform systems. Shows production galleries, company highlights, and software catalogs.

  • Core Concepts

    Presents the background, highlights, and products of the company that develops puzzle games.

  • Coresoft Inc.

    Develops games for the Sony Playstation, Sega, PC, and WAP platforms.

  • Crash: Beginner's Luck

    Discusses highlights of the software publishing industry. Also shows resources and links on the topic.

  • Crash: New Generation

    Discusses the highlights and game development milestones of the company.

  • Csharks

    Provides game screenshots, download links, and support guides. Also shows project resources.

  • Deep Red Games Limited

    Developed the "Risk II" and "Monopoly Tycoon" games. Shows download links, game guides, and company profile.

  • Devor Entertainment

    Based in Houston, Texas. Offers game programming and design services.

  • Dream Design

    Offers game programming and design services. Shows support tools and contact details.

  • EA Sports

    Official site of the Electronic Arts owned development team. Features game information, a release schedule, news, and multimedia clips.

  • Epic Games

    Official site of the popular game developer offering game information, news, and community resources.

  • ESP Software

    Features the games "Football Masters" and "Stable Masters" developed by the company.

  • Factor 5

    Official site of the Star Wars video game developer. Offers game information, downloads, company news, and game secrets.

  • Firebell

    Developed the Dream Quest 2000 game. Shows company profile and media releases.

  • Firefly Studios

    Shows game development details, company highlights, and press releases.

  • Fluid Games

    Features game demos, manuals, and press releases. Also contains the company profile.

  • Fun Labs

    Discusses current projects, shows gaming resources, and provides news highlights of the company.

  • G5 Games

    Features development solutions for mobile device games.

  • Game dev Helper

    Provides helper applications to make developing games quick and easy. They offer SpriteHelper, LevelHelper, and CoronaComplete. vladubogdan

  • Game On

    Produces family-based PC games including the "Billionaire" series.

  • Gameworld Seven Ltd.

    Displays company information, project progress, and media presentations.

  • Gatorhole AB

    Specializes in developing online multiplayer games.

  • Gifted Minds

    Presents the developers of the game "Adventure Maker". Shows tutorials, support guides, and screenshots.

  • GLIPS Entertainment, Inc.

    Produces screensavers and games for the PC platform.

  • Graphic State

    Gives project details, shows press releases, and offers archives of game development resources.

  • Hamumu Software

    Offers development services focusing on arcade-style games for the Windows OS.

  • Harmonix Music Systems

    News, downloads, and game information from the team behind the popular Guitar Hero series of video games.

  • Heavy Iron Studios

    Provides lists of job opportunities, product catalogs, and game collections.

  • Housemarque

    Features the company's games and programming codes. Also presents the business' profile and product galleries.

  • Hudson Entertainment

    Official site of the developer offering news, game information and trailers, downloads, and forums.

  • id Software

    Official site of the PC game developer offering game information, downloads, technical support, and an online store.

  • Infinity Ltd

    Produces classic DOS games. Displays media releases and company highlights.

  • Insomniac Games, Inc.

    An independent video games developer that created the Ratchet & Clank and Resistance franchises along with the first three Spyro the Dragon games. insomniacgames

  • Int13 Production

    Presents game previews, facts, and resources.

  • KnightSoft

    Proffers MMORPG game systems on different genres. Shows project details and company profile.

  • Konami America

    Official site of the game publisher behind the Metal Gear and Silent Hill series of games. Site offers game information, company news, and a calendar of future releases.

  • L4 Software

    Contains archives of game development details and gives download and resource links.

  • The Learning Company

    Discusses game development highlights, gives profiles of contributors, and shows download links.

  • Namco Bandai Games

    Official company site featuring new releases, classic franchises, news and corporate information.

  • New Breed Software

    Offers software and games for Unix and Windows platforms. Shows catalogs and highlights of the products.

  • Ninja Muppet

    Provides development archives, gaming forums, and download links.

  • The Oliver Twins

    Discusses the highlights, business strategies and clients of the video game consultants.

  • Ominous Development

    Contains development information, links to the published games, and player guides.

  • OmletteSoft, Home Of Omlette

    Discusses game development highlights, shows programming codes, and gives resource links.

  • OTS Software

    Contains game links, shows product catalogs, and presents company highlights.

  • Outsource Media

    Discusses game programming, shows studio locations, and provides localization details.

  • Parker Consulting

    Explains the business philosophy, shows service details, and presents resources on the video gaming consultants.

  • PlayStation

    Discusses the sales coverage of the platform worldwide. Includes game statistics and performance highlights.

  • Rare Ltd

    Offering information on their games, job postings, game demo and image downloads, and development news and updates.

  • Ratloop

    Shows art galerries, discusses job opportunities, and provides company and team profiles.

  • Rebellion

    Award-winning independent video games developer based in Oxford, UK.

  • Red Storm Entertainment

    Official site of the popular game development studio responsible for the Tom Clancy series of games. Site offers news, game information, and forums.

  • Retrospec

    Provides game source codes, utilities, and conversion modules. Also provides links to relevant resources.

  • Rockstar Games

    Developer website offering game information, online games, and merchandise sales.

  • SCS Software

    Provides game screenshots, technological highlights, and project links.

  • Sega

    Shows product reviews, game lists, and platform highlights.

  • Shin'en Multimedia

    Offers company highlights, gives music download links, and shows game screenshots.

  • Shrapnel Games

    Gives game links, forums, and resources. Also provides company highlights and profile.

  • Slitherine Software

    Provides corporate resources, discusses game updates, and shows store catalogs.

  • Softgame

    Develops arcade and sport card games including solitaire and poker.

  • Soft-iK

    Produces Windows CE arcade and card games. Shows project lists and company profile.

  • SoftSpot Software

    Offers word games and puzzles used for educational purposes. Contains purchasing details, screensaver download links, and development details.

  • Soleau Software

    Proffers strategy logic games for Windows and Unix systems. Shows game details and download links.

  • South African Game Development

    Shows member projects, activity images, and contact information on the organization.

  • Spark Unlimited

    Highlights game development projects of the company. Also shows team profile and lists of business partners.

  • Square Enix

    Contains game profiles, shows player resources, and gives guides and tips.

  • Square Insider

    Contains game reviews, shows interview excerpts of the company's programmers, and provides player forums.

  • Starbreeze Studios AB

    Contains media releases of games, gives details of job opportunities, and provides company highlights.

  • Take 2 Games

    Features game information, a release calendar, and new game previews.

  • THQ Nordic

    Official site of the video game developer. Offers game information, a release calendar, and free online games.

  • Tibo Software

    Produces action and puzzle sharware games used for educational and entertainment purposes. Shows support and download links.

  • Toejam and Earl Productions

    Gives highlights and profile of the gaming company that developed the Toejam and Earl Series.

  • Torus Games

    Offers career guides, company profile, and game highlights.

  • Treyarch

    Game developer site offering information on their video games, job postings, and company details.

  • TrueVision3D

    Gives product galleries, provides download links, and shows community support resources.

  • Ubisoft

    Computer and video game publisher and developer known for the games Rainbow Six, Prince of Persia, Rainbow Six, and Ghost Recon.

  • Valve Software

    Developer site featuring game and company information, job postings, news, and online game sales.

  • VideoGameJobFinder

    Provides a directory of employment opportunities in the video game industry.

  • WaywardXS

    Developed the games Champion Rugby Manager and Gianluca Vialli's European Manager. Shows support details, company profile, and download links.

  • Webfoot Technologies

    Contains mobile game tools, job opportunities, and music download links.

  • Xsolla

    Features a video game business engine with a set of tools and services that helps clients operate and sell more games globally. Tools assist with the complexities of distribution, marketing, and monetization so developers, publishers, and platform partners can increase their audience, sales and revenue. Works across all platforms and offers solutions for all stages of video game development, from pre-launch to live games. Includes full pricing details for different products.

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