Roleplaying Game Fantasy Cooperative World Building and Web Rings in the Best of the Web Directory

Roleplaying Game Fantasy Cooperative World Building and Web Rings

A History of the Atlantean Empire

Presents a gameworld focusing on the Atlantis myth. Shows language and historical sources; and provides links to relevant gaming and non-gaming sources of the legend.


Story of good against bad. Learn about the city of Adamantia, its philosophies and its people.

Alina: The Ship Amongst the Stars

Compiles fiction articles, shows links to relevant fan sites, and presents downloadable resources.


Lists imaginary story created for gaming about journey of roleplaying characters into different worlds.


Learn about the history, geography, races, cultures and villains of the imaginary land Audean and its 3 realms.


Provides story and adventure ideas, presents character and monster statistics, and shows links to relevant resources.


Shows Carador, the created work of Kenton and Rebecca Whitman.


Displays region details, adventure logs, and class profiles.


Discusses optional RPG and house rules, shows rulebook links, and presents character and monster profiles.


Contains cultural details, geopolitical maps, and historical backgrounds of the countries within the gameworld.


Scan over the races of this imaginary world. Contains a story plot of the third coming of the Cold King.


Enter into a world with imaginary characters and rich history of its people.

Silver Lands

See the world suited for advanced level of Dungeons and Dragons.


Known as the world of petal throne, tells about an imaginary world created ny Professor M.A.R. Barker.

Tu, the World Waterrimed

Fantasy world where horses and elephants are myths while dragons, fauns and giants are real.

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