Roleplaying Game Fantasy Cooperative World Building and Web Rings in the Best of the Web Directory

Roleplaying Game Fantasy Cooperative World Building and Web Rings

  • A History of the Atlantean Empire

    Presents a gameworld focusing on the Atlantis myth. Shows language and historical sources; and provides links to relevant gaming and non-gaming sources of the legend.

  • Adamantia

    Story of good against bad. Learn about the city of Adamantia, its philosophies and its people.

  • Arwann

    Lists imaginary story created for gaming about journey of roleplaying characters into different worlds.

  • Breminor

    Provides story and adventure ideas, presents character and monster statistics, and shows links to relevant resources.

  • Elivone

    Displays region details, adventure logs, and class profiles.

  • Gwelith

    Discusses optional RPG and house rules, shows rulebook links, and presents character and monster profiles.

  • Highland

    Contains cultural details, geopolitical maps, and historical backgrounds of the countries within the gameworld.

  • Jhendor

    Scan over the races of this imaginary world. Contains a story plot of the third coming of the Cold King.

  • Seteria

    Enter into a world with imaginary characters and rich history of its people.

  • Silver Lands

    See the world suited for advanced level of Dungeons and Dragons.

  • Tekumel

    Known as the world of petal throne, tells about an imaginary world created ny Professor M.A.R. Barker.

  • Tu, The World Waterrimed

    Fantasy world where horses and elephants are myths while dragons, fauns and giants are real.

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