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World Building Roleplaying Game Created Worlds

  • Geoza World

    Describes the complexities and concept of the playground for Geoza - a complete role-playing game that uses the ARIA system.

  • The New Roman Republic

    Contains tools, player resources, and templates for running the game campaign.

  • People of the Dragon

    Explores the realm's economic, society, and cultural highlights. Also presents resources and tools for running the campaign world.

  • Realm of Mythosa

    Contains supplementary game tools and adventure seeds for use on game systems without prefabricated worlds.

  • Sedes Draconis

    Includes introduction, demographics, languages, geography and history of a created world.

  • Telvar

    Contains logs and journals of the adventures and campaigns hosted by the society.

  • Thystra

    Follow Wulf the Frelance’s adventures in the land of Thystra.

  • Umbagollah

    Visit the imaginary country, its populace and places. Includes forums for interactive use of the players.

  • Virtual Verduria

    Contains language notes, planetary details, and city maps.

  • The World of Daleth

    Explore this imaginary Gothic world. Tour around its concept in the encyclopedia tour guide and marvel at the intrigues and illusions fabricated.

  • The World of Khoras

    Guide for players of the World of Khoras. Presents information on the terrains, races and civilization, fauna and flora, and more.

  • World of Sulerin

    Old resource of fantasy concepts and materials specially in Dungeos and Dragons.

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