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World Building Roleplaying Game Created Worlds

Confederacy of Sheinar

Explores the realm's economic, society, and cultural highlights. Also presents resources and tools for running the campaign world.

Geoza World

Describes the complexities and concept of the playground for Geoza - a complete role-playing game that uses the ARIA system.

The New Roman Republic

Contains tools, player resources, and templates for running the game campaign.

Realm of Mythosa

Contains supplementary game tools and adventure seeds for use on game systems without prefabricated worlds.

Sedes Draconis

Includes introduction, demographics, languages, geography and history of a created world.


Contains logs and journals of the adventures and campaigns hosted by the society.


Follow Wulf the Frelance’s adventures in the land of Thystra.


Visit the imaginary country, its populace and places. Includes forums for interactive use of the players.

Virtual Verduria

Contains language notes, planetary details, and city maps.

The World of Daleth

Explore this imaginary Gothic world. Tour around its concept in the encyclopedia tour guide and marvel at the intrigues and illusions fabricated.

The World of Khoras

Guide for players of the World of Khoras. Presents information on the terrains, races and civilization, fauna and flora, and more.

World of Sulerin

Old resource of fantasy concepts and materials specially in Dungeos and Dragons.

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