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Roleplaying Software

The Adventurer’s Diary

Helps gamers to log in and recall information for an RPG. It is an RPG Database for game characters.


Software designed as a virtual tabletop tool that can be used with a number of role-playing games including Dungeons & Dragons, d20, GURPS, Rolemaster, Savage Worlds, and Shadowrun.


Helps generate fractal worlds, fantasy names, random adventures, random dungeons, encounters, treasures, weather, and systems. Also features power attack and point calculators.

Dungeon Helper

Software created to make it easy or simplify P&P game playing over the Internet.

EPOSIC: Roleplaying Games!

Offers RP games and online tools for game masters and players.

Fantasy Grounds

Creates a system used as a gaming table for Pen and Paper narrative RPG.

Hamete Virtual Dice Server

Free online dice roller for RPG and PBEM games. Features a variety of dice and combimations.

Contains a digital gaming table called Klooge Werks which allows one to play online or over LAN.

Obsidian Portal

Free online platform for running and organizing table top role-playing games. Also helps in finding players and building campaigns. With tools and tips.

Role Playing Database

Creates and saves your own gaming sheets in a USB connector to allow RPG playing anytime.

RPA Roleplaying Software

Generic software for generating characters, names, spells, monsters and encounters, parties, fractal worlds, backgrounds, treasures, and reports for role-playing games.


Creates music and sound effects for Pen and Paper RPG.

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