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Belegarth or The Belegarth Medieval Combat Society is a foam weapon live action role-playing game operating as a nonprofit corporation. It features realms that compete in regional and national events annually. Each realm may be composed of a few to over a hundred players and in every realm, combat practices may be held as typical routines several times in a week. What makes Belegarth distinct from other boffer or foam weapon combat games is the physical contact between players during combat. Shield bashes, hard hitting, grappling, and other forms of contact to simulate combat are allowed in Belegarth.

Marshals or referees in yellow cloaks oversee Belegarth games and they determine scores based on the number of forceful enough blows that land on any of the four target zones: the torso, legs, arms, and head. While the head is considered a target zone, it is illegal to use melee weapons to hit it (basically due to risk reasons). Player death means a hit in the torso or head or hits landing in any combination of two extremities.
  • Belegarth Canada

    Information about the medieval combat game's presence in Canada. Includes schedules, news, maps, articles, and forums.

  • Belegarth Medieval Combat Society

    Shows information on the group, events hosted, timeline of happenings and sets of LARP rules they use.

  • Belegarth Medieval Combat Society Forum

    Discussion board for Belegarth members. Includes threads for questions on rules, recruitment ideas, foam smithing, armory, Medieval arts and sciences employed in the game, role-playing, war council, and events.

  • Dur-Demarion

    Nashville, Tennessee based member of the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society. Site presents a handbook, gallery of pictures, and information on units, guilds, and events.


    Belegarth wiki site provides comprehensive information about the game, events, and related projects.

  • Nan Belegorn

    Realm of the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society located in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Site presents news, pictures, rules, event schedules, and contacts.

  • Numenor

    Branch of the Belegarth game in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. Presents realm history, information on practice and hosted events, and guides to getting started.

  • Tir Asleen

    Belegarth realm in Ames, Iowa. Site provides information on joining and on practices and events.

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