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LIve Action Roleplaying in North America


Scan for history of the group and their events. Includes rules clarifications, calendar of events and online newsletter.

Dragon Crest

Official website of the live action role-playing game features forums, game rules, campaign information, forums, and related links.

Dungeon Master

Describes the audience in their roleplay acted by professional cast.

Endless Adventures LARP

Presents adventure dates, rulebooks, picture gallery, forums, images of game monsters, and downloadable videos.

EPOCH Toronto

Creates LARP events in Canada for the whole year. Be a member and avail of their game updates and announcements.

Knight Realms

Relays on the story of the fantasy where players imagined themselves as seekers of justice fighting for survival.

Legend Roleplaying

Group of LARPers based in central Massachusetts where they introduced thw imagined world of Areth, the place of the game.


Gives setting information of the game plus updates on current andc future hosted events.

Moore Diversions: The Aura Unveiled

Bring interested LARPers a journey immersing in live-action role-playing for a unique and richly textured fantasy world of their own creation.

Mythic Realms

LARP group based in Salt Lake City, Utah prepared with "boffer" weapons. Read news on upcoming events and how to join the organization.

Realms of Adventure

Read on events information. Message boards of the site shows detailed events listings.

Shifted Lands

Offers fantasy LARP running 24/7 adventures for the whole weekend.

Southern Organization Of Live-Action Reenactments

Links to character concepts for use in fantasy LARP stories.

Wheeling Association of Roleplaying

Sponsors gaming activities and gives players variety of game events to choose from.

Wyvern Rising

Sets out medieval fantasy genre in LARP where a player takes on an imaginary persona.

Xanodria Productions Incorporated

Runs LARP games once every week from March to October. It is founded by a group of Penn students inspired by movie "Mazes and Monster.".

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