D20 System, a Role Playing Game System in the Best of the Web Directory

D20 System, a Role Playing Game System

  • Alderac Entertainment Group -- Spycraft

    Official site of the RPG game. Presents media highlights, event schedules, and gaming resources.

  • Ancient Worlds: Multicosm

    Contains adventure ideas, campaign seeds; and variable rules, monsters, classes, and feats. Also provides product reviews.

  • Brutorz Bill's Dragonstar Page

    Explains conversion rules, compiles GM tools, and discusses alternative campaign settings.

  • Chrysalis - Campaign to the Stars

    Discusses ship details, crew profile, and adventure sessions.

  • d20 Magazine Rack

    Provides downloadable magazine containing rules variables, plot guides and player resources relevant to the gaming system.

  • The d20 System

    Official site of the gaming system. Shows product lists, RPG facts, and official licenses.

  • EN World

    Provides product reviews, interviews with the developers, and art galleries from the books.

  • The Hypertext d20 SRD

    Features the system reference document for the RPG game.

  • Modernized! - D20 Modern Ezine

    Offers resources and guides for playing a modern-genre type campaign on the gaming system.

  • Open Gaming Foundation

    Compiles SRD documents for the various gaming modules of the RPG system.

  • PCGen

    Showcases a character generator for various RPG systems. Discusses technical requirements and provides resource links.

  • RPGAttitude: D20 RPG Site

    Compiles tools and resources for both GMs and players including generators, game screens, and campaign and adventure seeds.

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