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Adventures GURPS Roleplaying Game

Bring 'Em Back Alive!

Presents the campaign featuring 1930's pulp period. Shows background and highlights.

Gentleman Johnson's Fish Mart

Features the campaign seed applicable for beginning characters.

Ice Age Stalker

Highlights the horror adventure which is set in Africa.

The Silencer

Discusses the background, notable characters, and adventure plots of the campaign for the GURPS martial arts settings.

Silicon Dreams

Gives highlights of the adventure that features aliens and technological advancement. Discusses notable characters and locations.

Skull Valley

Explains campaign settings, gives profiles of NPC characters, and shows game resources.

Trespasser's Isle

Game adventure set for the GURPS horror system. Shows NPC profiles, game guides, and location maps.

Your Number is Up

Discusses the plot and characters of the adventure seed used for GURPS horror campaigns.

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