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Adventures GURPS Roleplaying Game

  • Bring 'Em Back Alive!

    Presents the campaign featuring 1930's pulp period. Shows background and highlights.

  • Cray Canyon Cold Snap

    Discusses campaign background, shows GM notes, and provides player resources for the horror adventure.

  • Gentleman Johnson's Fish Mart

    Features the campaign seed applicable for beginning characters.

  • Ice Age Stalker

    Highlights the horror adventure which is set in Africa.

  • The Silencer

    Discusses the background, notable characters, and adventure plots of the campaign for the GURPS martial arts settings.

  • Silicon Dreams

    Gives highlights of the adventure that features aliens and technological advancement. Discusses notable characters and locations.

  • Skull Valley

    Explains campaign settings, gives profiles of NPC characters, and shows game resources.

  • Trespasser's Isle

    Game adventure set for the GURPS horror system. Shows NPC profiles, game guides, and location maps.

  • Your Number is Up

    Discusses the plot and characters of the adventure seed used for GURPS horror campaigns.

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