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Risus Role Playing System

Coloured Skies

Compiles optional rules, supplemental guides, and resource links of the roleplaying game.


Presents gaming guides, treasure lists, and monster profiles of the gaming sytem.

Flames of Risus

Shows development notes, vehicle and equipment tips, and character development highlights.

Phillip Foster's Risus Page

Highlights module variants, shows character templates, and presents genre options of the roleplaying game.

Pineapple Leader

Shows sourcebooks for aerial combat and battletech mech variations of the game.

Risus in Spaaaaaaaaace!

Shows campaign notes and highlights of the space-opera module for Risus games.

Risus RPG Recipes

Compiles maps, adventure ideas, and character resources for the table-top game.

Risus Tenhut

Gaming module for Risus that features ranged fire and tactical combat rules.


Gaming module for Risues based on Lovecraft’s post apocalyptic settings. Shows character designs, monster statistics, and optional rules.

Travelling Light: A Risus Conversion for Traveller

Shows conversion rules, character details, and gaming resources.

Worlds at War

Shows links to the gaming rules, campaign settings, and resources relevant to the science fiction adventure module.

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