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Free Role Playing Systems

3Muse D6 RPG System

Discusses the fantasy and superheroes adventure modules of the game. Shows resource links.


Provides download and resource links for the gaming module.

Hexatome: Exploiting the Number of Six

Compiles name and character databases; and shows reviews of RPG systems.


Official site of the generic role-playing system. Shows rule sourcebooks and gaming resources.

Infinite Horizons

Contains downloadable core rulebooks, shows gaming resources, and presents highlights of the RPG system.


Shows character generation guides, equipment lists, and experience point details.


Presents fan-made modules, game settings, and playing guides for the RPG system.

Role Playing System

Discusses the mechanics, highlights, and statistics of the gaming system.


Presents guides to character development, world creation, and campaign handling.

Simple Rules Engine

Highlights the gaming system that focuses on roleplaying and storylines. Shows character guidelines, gaming rules, and material resources.


Compiles core rulebooks, supplementary guides, and fan-made gaming modules.

The Window

Discusses optional rules, shows story archives, and presents character profiles.

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